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Jay Field and Bevan French shine in the derby

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Guy Field and Bevan French played key roles, as did Harry Smith when Wigan won at Lee Sports Village.

to try: Briscoe Goal: Reynolds

to try: French, Champ 2, Wardle, Musky 2, King Objectives: mourning 3

Australian duo Jay Field and Bevan French proved the difference as Wigan took control in the second half and beat local rivals Lee Leopards in a Premier League derby.

Field scored two tries and the French relegated, while their creativity and speed wreaked havoc across the park.

The Warriors’ Jake Wardle crossed, Abbas Mesky crossed twice, and Toby King crossed.

Lee scored the first points with a try from Tom Briscoe, but it was denied.

The seule note triste de la soirée of Matt Peet en tant que patron de Wigan était de voir le percutant boitant avec une blessing aux ischio-jambiers avec environ 13 minutes à jouer, Peet confirmant que des analyzes sont necessaires pour évaluer toute l’étendue Damage.

Lee welcomed his rivals to the Sports Village after an impressive start to the campaign, renamed the ‘Leopards’ under charismatic owner Derek Beaumont and a series of pre-match entertaining guests.

Their form under former Wigan manager Adrian Lahm was also impressive with wins over champions St Helens and both Hull clubs, this game has been described as a ‘battle of the town’.

However, the rookie mobile Leopards have been given a lesson in handling weekly struggles in the Premier League by a hard-headed Wigan side to prove a point.

The Briscoe’s opening try, the 200th of his career, was a fine display in their ranks with lock John Asiata, fullback Gareth O’Brien and halfback Lachlan Lam slashing cherries and eggs with sharp hands.

However, a late strike on O’Brien by Wardle saw him go with a head injury and sin assessment center at Wigan.

Lee squandered chances throughout the match with Edwin Ibab stopping short, Lahm’s kick was saved by the French under pressure and Dink late despite Sterling being chased.

However, Wigan clinically seized the opportunity, kicking Frenchman Wardle and Meskey respectively – the former coming off a rebound charge that allowed the full-back to burn through his chase and measure a clip. On the last line of defense until the middle scores.

His attempt was a sprint that drove him straight across the line, similar to the efforts of Field Turbo.

Harry Smith had a mixed night off the tee, but his one-sided kicking and game management were excellent as he skillfully led the visitors and made it 40-20 in the opener.

And now Wigan are heading into another Easter weekend derby, as they host St Helens at the DW Stadium on Good Friday; Lee plays at Salford on Saturday.

My coach Adrian Lahm told BBC Radio Manchester:

“I was disappointed at the end of the 80 minutes, the score was a bit choppy after a few rebounds and kicks, hard to deal with with a lot of effort.

“I will go into the locker room and tell them how proud I am of their efforts, it is part of the journey for us, we have to go through these moments, which will define us and make us better.

“Everything Bevan touched turned to gold, there were three or four important plays where he had a turn to put the ball in his foot and before you know it it was three or four kick attempts and 24 points – it was over.”

Wigan manager Matt Bett told BBC Radio Manchester:

“We knew it was going to take a really good performance to get anything done tonight, with action and drama around the acting and the quality they have. We’re so glad we did.

“There was a lot of solid foundations laid in the first 15 or 25 minutes, some players worked extra time and were patient with the ball, and we got our rewards at the end.

“The Frenchman and the field are a pleasure to train. When we lay the foundation, our big men are grouped, run hard and hit hard, we have the speed and the talent to take advantage of tired defenders.

“It was a performance where the attackers laid the foundation and the defenders nailed it, which is what good teams in rugby league are built on.”

for him: O’Brien. Briscoe, Hardaker, Lotelli, Charnley; Reynolds, L; Amone, Ipape, Mulhern, Holmes, O’Donnell, Asiata.

Intersections: Nakobwai, Somanovagai, Chamberlain, Davis.

Wigan: French; King, Pierce Ball, Wardle, Musky; Field, Smith; Cooper, Powell, Byrne, Issa, Farrell, Smithies.

Intersections: Ellis, Harvard; O’Neal, Shorocks.

to rule: Liam Moore (RFL)

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