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What MLB analysts say about the 2023 Blue Jays

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March 31, 2023, 11:16 a.m

After a thrilling 10-9 Opening Day win over the St. Louis Cardinals on Thursday, the 2023 Toronto Blue Jays set course in their quest for a World Series.

Of course, the beginning of any season brings a lot of anticipation and projection as pundits try to set the stage for this year.

If you haven’t read what Sportsnet’s baseball pundits had to say about the upcoming season, you can check it out at the MLB Preview Roundtable.

But what do MLB analysts in the US say when it comes to defeating the Blue Jays? Here’s a sampling of what some predicted for Toronto in 2023:

ESPN: MLB 2023 Predictions: Wild Cards, Playoffs, World Series, and more

Although most ESPN voters took the New York Yankees to victory in the Middle East, 11 of the 28 assigned the Blue Jays to take over the squad.

Eric Karabel Books: The Blue Jays were very dangerous last season until they played the Mariners in October. They had the roster and the votes to advance, just like the Phillies. This season, the Jays will take on the AL East against the Yankees and Rays. Depth of turnover is important, as well as depth of relievers and uprights, and the Jays have it all. They needed offensive improvements, especially on the left side, and added Brandon Belt and Dolton Farshaw. Acquiring defensive stalwart Kevin Kiermayer was also crucial. Jose Berrios and Yosei Kikuchi would be a complete team that could represent the AL. »

All but one of the Voters had made it to Toronto in the playoffs—either via a division title or a major league berth—but six went so far, picking it up to win the American League, and only one, the Blue Jays, emerged as champions that season. end.

For award predictions, voters named Vladimir Guerrero Jr. the AL Player of the Year for 2023, while Alec Manoah and Kevin Gusman each had three votes to win the AL Cy Young — including Gusman’s vote for Jeff Passan.

MLB.com: The 2023 Winners…and a bold prediction for all 30 teams

On MLB.com, they polled 87 employees to predict who would win each award. Although none of the Toronto players reached the top of either list, manager John Schneider was the top choice for the Manager of the Year award.

Schneider replaced Charlie Montoyo as head coach of the Blue Jays last July, and Toronto removed the interim mark after leading the club to a record of 46-28 (6,222 winning percentage). Schneider worked through his first full season at the helm? Blue Jays are talented at taking it to the next level. Toronto has made the playoffs in two of the past three years, but hasn’t finished first in the AL East since 2015 or won a playoff game since 2016.”

Plus, MLB.com writers made a bold prediction for each team. For blue jays? Keegan Mathison Predict a short 30-30 season for Beau Petit.

Jose Cruz Jr. (2001) and Shawn Green (1998) are the only Blue Jays to do so, but Pitchett’s game will give him a real shot in the years to come. We know Bichette has the ability to hit 30, and when you combine his speed with the Blue Jays’ zeal to be more aggressive on base, there’s a way to go 30. Bichette is one of the most impressive players in camp from day one, and if he can hold his hot end even This past September—which is what many coaches and teammates are predicting—the 30-30 season will be realistic.

The Athlete: MLB 2023 Predictions: World Series Champion, MVP, Division Winner and more

In a survey of MLB personnel, the athlete They probably showed more love for the Blue Jays family than any outlet.

16.10% of voters are tied for Toronto winning the World Series, and 45.2% for winning the division.

Hall of Fame writer Jason Stark Books: Maybe it’s because I saw too many blue jays this spring, but they have a range that keeps coming your way. They have a better left-right balance in the lineup than in the past and the ability to use their legs to exploit the new rules. I love Alec Manoah / Kevin Gusman at the top of their rotation. And Jordan Romano is one of baseball’s most underrated players. Easily one of the five most talented teams in the game.”

Yahoo Sport – MLB Opening Day 2023: Division Winners’ Picks, World Series MVP, Shuhei Ohtani & More

Yahoo also has high expectations for the Blue Jays in 2023, as every member of the MLB team selects Toronto to make the playoffs and Quick Chris Their choice to defeat their Opening Series foe, the Cardinals, to win the World Series.

Although he wasn’t nominated for a Yahoo Awards by a Blue Jay, recently acquired Daulton Varsho did both. Hannah Keyser‘sand Liz RockAmerican League hitting lists on the run.

[brightcove videoID=6323672531112 playerID=JCdte3tMv height=360 width=640]

ringtone: Advance predictions for the 2023 MLB Ranger season

Monday Zak Cram And Ben Lindbergh – two-thirds WarningEmployees share their expectations – make sure the Blue Jays qualify for the World Series and win the Middle East title. However, Cram eventually brought them to the Atlanta Braves, and Lindbergh picked the San Diego Padres to win it all.

Here’s what Cram had to say about choosing the Braves and Blue Jays to meet on baseball’s biggest stage: Atlanta won 101 games last season without receiving complete runs from Spencer Strider, Michael Harris II or Rizel Iglesias. without Shaun Murphy behind the plate; And without a healthy and fully functional Ronald Acuna Jr., the loss of Dansby Swanson is painful, but Atlanta still holds the most talented roster, from top to bottom, in the league. In the meantime, I’m still on the Blue Jays, though I was a little overexcited last season, as much as I did on the Padres’ overkill in 2021. “Just to see them realize their potential a year later. I anticipate a replay of the 1992 World Series, where the team won.” competitor in this round.

Whereas the Toronto players would not do so again WarningAward ballot The third member of the predictions team, Bobby Wagner Named Varshaw as an outstanding player in 2023.

“If it weren’t for Diamondback teams collapsing in 2022, I think Varshaw could have started last year. The 26-year-old will likely spend most of his time on the field this season. For the Blue Jays, who acquired Varshaw after Teoscar was traded Hernandez earlier in the season and they already had two major league receivers.

Varshaw is a defender on the field, was he? It was time to work on Gray’s project in a bulldozer, and that’s after he forced me to bulldozer.”

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