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You’ve seen laptop bags before… meet the first tablet + camera bag that will change the way you carry gear

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Laptop bags are great most of the time…but when you want to travel light with your gear, carrying a 4-pound laptop with its bulky charger with you just won’t cut it. Designed as a simple alternative to a laptop bag at most, Black Ember’s Grip Sling is a modular side carry bag that’s roomy enough for an 11-inch tablet and roomy enough to hold a camera and two lenses…if you choose. The Grip Sling was created as a compact, lightweight, no-compromise alternative that still has room for the rest of your gear. It comes with an easy-to-adjust Messenger-style strap, Fidlock-compatible key fob, room for your phone/wallet/notepad, and optional expandable storage (with modular dividers) for your camera, headphones, drone, Nintendo Switch, or other device. In short, anything but this heavy laptop.

Designers: Chris Gadway and Black Ember

Click here to buy now: $119 $149 ($30 off). ! Catch up, there are only 3/275 left!

Low grip wear.

The new Quick-Slide lever lets you adjust quickly.

The Grip Sling looks like a classic shoulder bag, but comes with a new modern design built around the idea of ​​modularity, comfort and style. Designed to be worn in a variety of ways, the Grip Sling features a strap with the bag’s Quick-Slide arm, an aluminum clip that allows you to easily rotate your bag forward or backward or hang it on the sides like a scarf. Grab and pull the buckle like you would your airline seatbelt and instantly tighten or loosen the Grip Sling to help adjust your bag, bring it forward when you want to quickly access something and push it sideways or backwards when you’re done. Two aluminum pivot points connect the bag to its strap, giving it freedom of movement so you can carry the bag however you want, while the carefully designed interiors hold and organize all your gear in an easy-to-access way.

Designed for mirrorless DSLR cameras and similar camera sizes.

2 multi-position protective dividers.

The padded magnetic sleeve fits all iPads up to 11 inches.

The size of a laptop bag is determined by the size of the laptop inside. There’s nothing else that goes inside the laptop-sized laptop, so remove it and you’ll now have a much smaller space to work in. That’s pretty much what the Grip Sling does. Designed around the “rest of your gear”, the bag comes with a padded compartment big enough for an 11-inch iPad or A4 laptop, with a magnetic snap that keeps your tablet or book in place, and a compartment roomy front that fits your other gear, whether it’s clothes, headphones, chargers, EDC, a bottle, or even your camera and lenses. A separate camera accessory lets you store your photographic gear in the Grip Sling, with adjustable padded dividers to hold lenses, magazines, and more.

V-shaped compression straps are ideal for tying down gear.

The integrated key fob has a quick release magnetic buckle.

The front pocket is divided into two sections with a padded divider.

Like any good bag or backpack, the Grip Sling also comes with dedicated interior and exterior storage pockets for other smaller gear. Interior pockets are perfect for stationery, wallets and other essentials you don’t need right away, while the exterior stash pocket is split into two sections with a padded wall in between. This exterior pocket is perfect for quick-access essentials like your phone, and the Grip Sling also comes with an integrated key ring that attaches to the sling via a magnetic Fidlock clasp. Optional V-buckle compression straps allow you to attach additional items such as umbrellas or tripods to your carry-on, giving you a full set of gear in one compact carry-on.

Although designed with style and size in mind, the Grip Sling’s design also emphasizes safety and durability. The bag itself is the first to use CORDURA® 420D Velocity, the newest fabric from the brand’s re/cor™ RN66 fabric collection for its outer lining. Made from pre-used reclaimed waste that is recycled into high-quality yarns, Velocity fabric is durable and has a matte finish with a water-repellent top coating that repels dust and dirt. The bag is also equipped with YKK Aquaguard water resistant zippers as well as a Hypalon zipper to protect your gear from the elements. The quick slide lever and left and right pivot points are both T6 aluminum and black anodized to match the bag’s all-black aesthetic. The Grip Sling, like all Black Ember products, is made using the company’s proprietary high-precision BOND-STITCH construction. All fabric components are laser cut for high precision, before being technically glued and sewn for a superior finish and durable construction.

Grip Sling imagines a world where laptops are not part of your everyday carry. Removing the bulkiest and bulkiest gadget from your backpack, they give you something smaller, lighter, more comfortable and a bit more sophisticated with their unique customizable wearing style. The Grip Sling is discounted to $119 and ships worldwide starting June 2023. Cam and compression straps are bundled separately, bringing the price of the entire kit to $179.

Click here to buy now: $119 $149 ($30 off). ! Catch up, there are only 3/275 left!

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