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Day 5 Prelims Live Recap

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2023 Canadian Swimming Trials

Saturday, Morning, Technical Primary Paper

Day five of the 2023 Canadian Swimming Trials will feature a short list of events. This morning’s introductory session only includes 200 IMs back and 400 IMs, plus 150 IMs and 200 IMs.

In tonight’s finale, all eyes will be on the 16-year-old superstar Summer Mackintosh in the women’s 400 IM. McIntosh is the current Canadian and world junior record holder with a personal best of 4:28.61. After breaking the 400 freestyle world record on the first day of these trials, we’ll be looking to see if Macintosh can do it again in what is arguably his finest event.

Elia Kharon, on the other hand, is looking to win another title today after winning the men’s 200m butterfly last night. Kharon is fourth in the 400-mile race, however, more than six seconds behind top seed Colin Janney. Most importantly, Gagne is rated at 4:17.82, which is outside the FINA ‘A’ limit of 4:17.48.

back star Kylie Mass Today, she is looking to win another national title in the women’s 200m. The Canadian record holder came in first with a time of 2:07.66, making her the only swimmer in the peloton to clock under 2:11. Notably, Ingrid Willem, who saved 100 from Mas earlier in the competition, came in second with a time of 2:11.61. However, Willem is stronger in the backstroke in the 100-meter sprint, and she came out of the FINA ‘A’ cut with a 2:11.08, so expect her to meet that benchmark today.

Women’s 200m backstroke qualifiers

  • World Record: 2:03.14, Kaylee McKeown (Australia) – 2023
  • Canadian record: 2:05.42, Kylie Mass – 2021
  • Fifa Cup A: 2:11.08

top 10 righteous:

  1. Kylie Mass – 2:08.68
  2. Ella Varga – 2:12.18
  3. Ingrid Willem – 2:13.67
  4. Katie Schroeder – 2:15.71
  5. Jordan Graeber – 2:16.29
  6. Delia Lloyd – 2:17.23
  7. Maddy Jtral – 2:17.28
  8. Maya Pesankun – 2:17.32
  9. Madison Krieger – 2:17.41
  10. Alexa Gold – 2:17.63

Unsurprisingly, the Canadian record holder Kylie Mass The favorite in the women’s 200 class is leading it by a comfortable margin this morning, accelerating to 2:08.68. The block was smooth and controlled this morning, split 29.60 in the first fifty, then split 32.64, 33.68 and 32.76 in the remaining fifty. Masse’s Canadian record has been 2:05.42 since 2021.

The second seed was Ella Varga, who swam hard to take the second seed for tonight’s final. Varga posted a time of 2:12.18, losing more than 2 seconds off his base time with the performance. She’s ready to work for it tonight, though she’ll need to simultaneously fend off 100 hardcore Ingrid Willm and hit the FINA ‘A’ cutoff of 2:11.08 if she wants to qualify for the World Championship team.

Willem ran 2:13.67 this morning, placing him third overall. After regaining 100 in 58.80 on the first day of competition, Wilm has some momentum heading into the 200 again today. Historically, the 200 backhand defense was the weakest of Willem’s three backhand events, with his one-minute best of 2:11.61.

200 wallpaper man – heater

  • World Record: 1:51.92, Aaron Peirsol (USA) – 2009
  • Canadian Record: 1:56.96, Markus Thormeyer – 2019
  • Fifa Cup A: 1:58.07

top 10 righteous:

  1. Richie Stokes – 1:59.55
  2. Aiden Norman – 1:59.91
  3. Tristan Jankovic – 1:59.97
  4. Blake Tierney – 2:00.38
  5. Raben Doman – 2:00.48
  6. Hugh MacNeil – 2:02.19
  7. Loic Courville Fortin – 2:03.04
  8. Benjamin Lewin – 2:03.56
  9. Marcus Mack – 2:05.94
  10. Parker Linus – 2:06.28

Top seed Richie Stokes dominated the men’s 200 backstroke this morning with a time of 1:59.55. He got off to a fast start, splitting 27.94 in the first fifty, then splitting 30.16, 30.84 and 30.61 the rest of the way.

Stokes was one of three swimmers who dived below 2 am this morning along with teenagers Aiden Norman and Tristan Jankovic. Norman was swimming very well and pushed his best of 2:01.26 to finish second overall with a 1:59.91. He’s been absolutely stellar on his run this morning, splitting 30.41, 30.24 and 30.41 respectively in his last 50s. It should be noted that the national age group record for boys 15-17 200 is 1:58.07 from Cole Pratt in 2019.

Janković also dropped under 2:00, finishing third with a time of 1:59.97. He beat his time of 2:04.72 with the performance.

400 single ladies broker – heating

  • World Record: 4:26.36, Katinka Hoszów (Hungary) – 2016
  • Canadian record: 4:28.61, Summer Mackintosh – 2022
  • Fifa Cup A: 4:43.06

top 10 righteous:

  1. Summer Mackintosh – 4:40.69
  2. Sydney Beckrem – 4:44.58
  3. Mabel Zavarros – 4:45.77
  4. Ella Jansen – 4:47.74
  5. Billy Andison – 4:48.22
  6. Emma Finlin – 4:48.81
  7. Katherine Hazell – 4:49.24
  8. Tessa Ceplocha – 4:49.51
  9. Julie Broseau – 4:49.83
  10. Billy O’Regan – 4:52.35

Summer Mackintosh You may be the only swimmer in the world right now who can really “cruise” until 4:40 in the 400 IM, but that’s exactly what I did this morning. The 16-year-old superstar, who is also the Canadian and world junior record holder in the event, was very fast in the first half of the race this morning, running a brisk 1:01.50 and 1:10.51 respectively, for a time of 2:12.01 in the first 200. M. For context, McIntosh was running 2:08.20 in the 200m when her WJR swam 4:28.61 last December. This morning she ran 1:20.92, before her breakaway in December. Then she came home in a 1:07.76 freestyle, a very comfortable time for Macintosh. His share of the junior world record performance was 1:01.15.

All of this means that we can expect Macintosh to be faster tonight than he did this morning.

An interesting battle for second place is also brewing. This morning, Sydney Beckrem, who finished second in the IM 200 a few days earlier, posted the second fastest time with a time of 4:44.58. As usual, she was particularly good in the breaststroke this morning, splitting the lead pack of 1:16.55.

Behind Bakirim was Mabel Zavarros, who swam 4:45.77. Zavarros came out almost as fast as a Macintosh, splitting to a 2:13.94 for a top 200 finish. Ella Jansen was there too, running 2:14.92 in the first 200, then moving up to the fourth fastest time of the morning with a time of 4:47.74.

to blog, Tessa Ceplocha The second seed listed was this morning, at 4:39:49. She arrived at 8 this morning swimming 4:49.51.

It should be a battle behind McIntosh tonight as the FINA’A cut is down to 4:43.06. Looking at the cut, we should see many swimmers under the bar, so the battle for second place will be very important.

Men’s 400m Singles Middle

  • World Record: 4:03.84, Michael Phelps (USA) – 2008
  • Canadian Record: 4:11.41, Brian Jones – 2008
  • Fifa Cup A: 4:17.48

top 10 righteous:

  1. Lorne Wigginton – 4:19.47
  2. Eric Brown – 4:22.52
  3. Benjamin Kott – 4:24.59
  4. Elia Kharon – 4:25.65
  5. Coleen Janney – 4:25.82
  6. Jacob Gallant – 4:27 .16
  7. Brody Young – 4:30.14
  8. Jordi Vilches – 4:30.61
  9. Sebastian Gonzalez Barbosa – 4:31.72
  10. Timothy Barbeau – 4:34.30

Teenager Lorne Wigginton set the pace for the rest of the field this morning, sprinting to 4:19.47 to post the meet’s best time by more than three seconds. Wigginton prepared well for the evening because not only would he have to win the event, he would also undergo the FINA ‘A’ cut of 4:17.48 as well to qualify for the World Championship team in the event. . His race this morning was promising as he got off to a fast start with a time of 2:04.86 in the first 200 metres.

Another teen, Elia Kharon, was fourth this morning with a time of 4:25.65. Kharon, last night’s 200 flyweight champion, will likely be a title contender tonight. He was out at 2:06.17 this morning, and we know he can get out much faster than that night.

Eric Brown took nearly seven seconds off his original time of 4:29.14 to take second place this morning with a time of 4:22.52. He was strong coming home, running a 58.36 over the final 100m of the race.

Top seed Colin Janney was fifth this morning with a time of 4:25.82. Having clocked 4:17.82 in the previous event, it’s essential to keep an eye on Gagné tonight.

Women’s PARA 150 MEDLEY MUILTI-CLASS Single Suit

  1. Jordan Tucker – 3:46.52
  2. Nikki Ince – 4:29.62
  3. Ali Van Wyck Cleaver – 4:45.53
  4. Hannah Burns – 4:15.51

Jordan Tucker took first place in the women’s 150m individual medley this morning, swimming a time of 3:46.52. Tucker’s time was the fastest in the field so far, but of course overall time wasn’t the most important factor in swimming. Semi-swimming is scored on a points system, which takes into account a swimmer’s score and their distance from the world record for that score to calculate a total score, which is then used to rank the swimmers.

Package of 150 single men’s mule shoes

Para woman 200 person medium layered

  1. Tess Rotliff – 3:09.19
  2. Daniel Doris – 3:11.01
  3. Katie Cosgrave – 2:40.52
  4. Katarina Roxon – 2:50.11
  5. Angela Marina – 2:39.17
  6. Emma van Dyck – 2:40.11
  7. Mary Jebb – 2:49
  8. Justine Morier – 2:48.78
  9. From Keser – 3: 54.02.2019
  10. Myriam Suleiman – 3: 54.33
  11. Allison Gebel – 4:36.67
  12. Tatiana Nolte – 3:32.46
  13. Clemence Parry – 4:52.35

Tess Rotliff topped the road in the 200 individual medley this morning, swimming in 3:09.19. Although that time was 4.57 seconds away from her seed, she was still leading the world rankings. Danielle Doris was right behind, swimming in 3:11.01. Rotliff and Doris in particular are in the same category.

Para 200 person multi layered midi for men

  1. Nicholas Bennett – 2:10.63
  2. Zac Zona – 2:45.17
  3. Conor Bisset – 2:29.93
  4. Hunter Helberg – 2:40.54
  5. Caleb Arndt – 2:34.65
  6. Felix Thomas Cowan – 2:47.99
  7. Tyson Jacob – 4:14.36

Nicholas Bennett set the fastest time of the morning in the men’s 200-mile race and took the points lead. Bennett posted a best time of 2:09.61.

Reed Maxwell was eliminated.

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