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In the first chapters of Resident Evil 4 Remake, you will come across strange shrines erected by a cult. It is possible to interact with it, but it prompts you to use an item. Unfortunately, you won’t even have the chance to unlock the first couple you find since the item needed to unlock them can’t be picked up until a bit later – and only if you know where to look for it. But Rowe says the treasures you get from them are worth stepping back and grabbing all the goodies inside. Here’s how to open all views of a file Resident Evil 4 remake, and what each carries inside.

Surprise surprise, but Wayshrines can only be unlocked once you get a Wayshrine Key. This is going to seem long, but you can’t even access the key until you reach Chapter 4 and defeat Del Lago. Once you can explore the lake, head south to Moral Cave. Deep in the caves, you’ll find an ornate cabinet after solving the mystery of the cave. You can get there by walking the path from the south pier and through the section using the two large stone hands. Luckily, unlike Small Keys, Wayshrine Key is reusable and can unlock every Wayshrine in the game.

Now that you have the Wayshrine Key, it’s time to undo all those roads you’ve had to take. In total, you’ll need to go back and unlock five to reap all the rewards. Here’s the location of each, along with the treasures they hold for you:

  1. In the farm area you just follow the critical story path just past the opening section of the village, go to the northeast side and behind the barn. Open Wayshrine and receive your very own vintage pipe.
  2. Keep moving towards the Lakeside settlement, which you’ll probably remember as the area where the villagers first started spamming dynamite. To the left of the main house is a small path which leads to a dead end with the sanctuary. Use your key and take the Pearl Bangle.
  3. On the way from the Merchant’s Shop to the Church, which takes you through the Quarry, stop between the Quarry and the area where the Merchant has to pass through this Shrine. This time it’s the butterfly lamp.
  4. This area is not marked on your map, but if you take your boat further up the river past the Great Cave Shrine, you will find a docking area on the left side. There’s not much besides the shrine here, which protects the Splendid Bangle.
  5. The last path is to the right as you are about to leave the village and enter the castle in the barrier area. The shrine is located just outside the house where I was first attacked by chainsaw-wielding villagers. The Shrine is located in the far southwest of the area, and you can access it by going to the second floor of the house and taking the platform outside. This will contain the elegant helmet.

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