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How to Access the Moon Dimension in Minecraft’s April Fool’s Day Update

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Snapshots is one of the most anticipated Minecraft updates as it contains features that reveal what the next major update is all about. However, the versions released for April Fool’s Day are a bit different. It comes with some of the most unusual features ever announced that won’t be added to the game, and this year’s picture came with moon dimensions.

The latest April Fool’s Day snapshot, v23w13a_or_b, is titled Voting Update because it lets players decide which features to implement. Random proposals will appear in the chat window and they can respond via the voting screen by pressing “V” on their keyboard. If they vote for a particular feature, it will soon be implemented in this Minecraft world.

Minecraft April Fool’s Day screenshot: What is the dimension of the moon and the steps to get it

Dimensions make the world more diverse as they allow you to explore places unlike anything in the real world of the Overworld. The game only has three, but this move adds one more.

Day and night cycles occur in Minecraft, and during the night players can go to the moon and explore a new dimension. This creation will look very similar in the end because the endless land is monotonous and made of a single block.

Earth seen from the Moon with shadows (Image via Mojang)

Another reason After the moon is like the end So much so that the natural satellite is made of blocks of cheese that look like butt stones.

How to get to the moon in Minecraft

Access to the Moon dimension requires voting on three specific proposals. But since new items spawn randomly and independently, it can take a long time to get to grips with which ones allow players to travel to the moon.

1) The fun way

Ride a balloon cow to the moon (Image via Mojang)

Luckily, there is a way to get to the moon in minutes. Here are the detailed steps to access it in creative mode:

Step 1: Accept airblocks with this command: “/voice rule minecraft: air_blocks approves”

2nd step: Get lots of air masses using “/bid player name Minecraft: air_block command 64 inches.

Step 3: Find a cow or summon one using the command “summon minecraft: cow” /.

The fourth step: Insert air blocks into the cow by right-clicking on them. This will make it a logical cow, and once it stops growing, right clicking on it will allow you to mount it.

The balloon cow will start floating upwards and explode after reaching around 700 Y. And then after a few seconds you will descend to the moon.

2) The easiest way

You can raise a cow to level Y 700 and reach the moon or you can just type the teleport command in the chat window. The command to do this is “/execute as s in minecraft: the_moon run tps ~~~”

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