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Blizzard has revealed a new Overwatch 2 support hero, Lifeweaver

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Monitoring 2The next hero is Lifeweaver, a support class character who will debut in Season 4 of Blizzard Entertainment’s free-to-play shooter. Lifeweaver’s design features lotus flowers; He appears to hold one in his fiery main hand and wears mandala-like petals on his back. The character appears to be of Thai descent, based on his attire and the bragging seen behind him in an officially released screenshot. Plus, it’s hot!

In a new gameplay video released Tuesday, Blizzard showed off some of the Lifeweaver’s abilities, including a charged healing flower that can restore allies’ HP and a grab move that can pull allies towards it to save them from harm. Lifeweaver can also summon a flower-shaped platform; In the video above, we see him place it under Orisa who uses the most of his power, negating the hero’s Terra Surge ability. His Lifeweaver shooter allows him to summon a large tree-like object that heals allies and provides air cover.

Lifeweaver will be the 37th champion of the Surveillance 2Team composition, the ninth support hero. Blizzard is committed to filling out the support roster even further with new additions of heroes in Monitoring 2After launching the Ramatra tank and supporting Kiriko since the game launched in October.

Season four of Monitoring 2 It is slated for release on April 11. The Lifeweaver will likely be released as part of the game’s next battle pass, as previous champions have, and will not be immediately available to play in competitive game modes.

Monitoring 2 Available now on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

Update (April 4): This story has been updated with a new video from Lifeweaver showing off its capabilities.

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