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Sony is working on a new PlayStation Portable

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It’s an open secret that game console makers like Microsoft (Xbox) and Sony (PlayStation) sell consoles at a loss, but generate revenue through subscriptions and turn a profit over time.

They offer innovative services to attract customers and spend more time not only on consoles, but also on all compatible devices such as smartphones, desktops, laptops, tablets and portable game consoles.

Sony also offers remote play options allowing customers to continue their game on all of the aforementioned device classes. This way, users can continue progressing to new levels of play on a different medium from where they left off on another device.

Now reports are coming in that Sony is working on a new mobile device named Q Lite, he said. indoor games.

It will be different from Sony’s PSP (PlayStation Portable). In fact, the device will be more of an accessory that PlayStation 5 needs via Remote Play. Also, you will need a stable internet connection to stream the content.

The prototype is said to look like a PS5 console with a large 8.0-inch screen that supports Full HD (1080p) 60fps video. Also, it is said to come with adaptive triggers for haptic interactions along with basic features like volume buttons, speakers, audio input jack, etc.

It’s unclear whether the new PS5 portable will hit stores, but the latest reports indicate that Sony may release it after the new PS5 console with a removable disk drive.

Additionally, in the coming years, the major Japanese consumer electronics company also plans to release a more powerful PS5 Pro.

Sony Remote Play demo:

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