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Woody Allen’s Coup de Chance Finds French Distribution with Metropolitan FilmExport (Exclusive)

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Woody Allen’s controversial 50th film, Coup de Chance, has found a French distributor. Metropolitan FilmExport, one of the country’s largest independent distributors, participated in the film’s release in France.

The film’s release date has not been set yet, but insiders say it may have its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival.

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Metropolitan FilmExport has never handled a film directed by Allen before, usually focusing on commercial American films like the “Hunger Games” franchise and “Evil Dead Rises.”

While Allen’s films have always been popular in France, his previous film “Festival Rifkin” sold just under 100,000 admissions at Apollo Films after its world premiere at the San Sebastian Film Festival. It was the director’s worst vocal performance in France. The Coup de Chance, estimated in the $20 million range, was an expensive acquisition that few French distributors could afford.

Allen previously described Coup de Chance as “a toxic romance in the veins of Match Point”. This is the first film in French by a New York-based director.

Despite her controversial profile, Aline manages to reunite with notable French actress Valerie Lemercier (“Aline”), Niels Schneider (“A Love Affair” and “Le de Lage” (“Crazy Woman’s Ball”) and Elsa Zilberstein (“Simone”) ).”) and Melvil Poupaud (“Beautiful Morning”).

Meanwhile, in the US, Allen has lost a lot of support due to renewed allegations of abuse involving his daughter, Dylan. It is believed that he is finding it more difficult to find famous American actors who would like to appear in his films. Rebecca Hall, Timothée Chalamet, and Greta Gerwig, for example, have said they regret working with Allen.

Although “Coup de Chance” was supposed to be his last movie, Allen released a statement last year saying he had “no intention of retiring.”

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