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iOS 17 and watchOS 10 rumors, when to expect a new iMac, and more

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WWDC is only two months away, and we’re starting to hear more about what we might see with the upcoming iOS 17 and watchOS 10 updates that should be revealed during the keynote.

This week also saw the release of the bug-fixing iOS 16.4.1 update, another rumor about Apple’s timeline for transitioning some of its portable Macs to OLED display technology, and a curious Bitcoin-related discovery in macOS, so read on for all the details on these stories and more!

iOS 17 Rumored to Include “Major” Changes to iPhone Control Center

iOS 17 will include “big” changes to Control Center on the iPhone, according to a MacRumors forums member with proven experience.

Control Center was introduced with iOS 7 nearly a decade ago and has remained virtually unchanged since the release of iOS 11. The menu gives iPhone users convenient access to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth , screen brightness, volume, etc. system functions.

It was also claimed that iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 would stop supporting iPhone X, first-generation iPad Pro models, and some other devices, but this rumor was later disputed.

Is a new iMac coming in 2023? What we know so far

Apple released the 24-inch iMac with the M1 chip and an ultra-thin, colorful design in April 2021. Later this month, it will be two years since the all-in-one desktop was last updated. day for the last time.

Hi Tim Cook iMac

Rumors suggest that a new 24-inch iMac with an M3 chip could be released later this year. We’ve put together a guide covering the latest rumors about the next iMac, including new features and changes to expect.

watchOS 10 for notable changes for Apple Watch

The next watchOS 10 update for the Apple Watch will include “notable changes” to the user interface, according to Apple Watch fleurbergMark Gorman.


Apple is expected to announce watchOS 10 at the WWDC 2023 kick-off conference on June 5, along with iOS 17, macOS 14 and other new software. On the hardware side, Gurman said only modest upgrades are planned for the next Apple Watch models later this year.

Apple releases iOS 16.4.1 with fixes for Siri response issues and other bugs

Earlier this week, we learned that Apple has an iOS 16.4.1 update in the works, and on Friday that update went public with bug fixes for emoji and Siri.


macOS Ventura 13.3.1 side update with fixes for emoji and a bug in a feature that lets you automatically unlock your Mac when you’re wearing an Apple Watch. The iOS and macOS updates also fix a pair of vulnerabilities that Apple says may have been actively exploited, so make sure your devices are up to date.

Apple has included the Bitcoin whitepaper in every version of macOS since 2018

In every version of macOS that has shipped since 2018, Apple has included Satoshi Nakamoto’s original Bitcoin whitepaper in the filesystem, and no one seems to know why.

Apple Bitcoin Hack

Anyone with a Mac running macOS Mojave or later can view the PDF for themselves by typing this command in Terminal. The document provides an overview of Bitcoin as a peer-to-peer electronic payment system.

14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros won’t have OLED screens until 2026

Apple is unlikely to release high-end MacBook Pro models with OLED screens before 2026, according to display industry analyst Ross Young.

23- Massoud

Meanwhile, Young said Apple plans to release a 13.4-inch MacBook Air with an OLED display early next year. Switching from LCD to OLED technology will increase brightness, improve contrast ratio and reduce power consumption to extend battery life.

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