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Maywen, director and French collaborator of Johnny Depp, has been sued for assaulting a journalist

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French actress and director Mayoine is facing a lawsuit from Edwi Plenel, editor-in-chief of Mediapart magazine, who accuses her of assaulting her in a restaurant. The incident allegedly took place in late February in Paris, where Maywen allegedly grabbed Plenelle by his hair and spat in his face before leaving the scene. Plenel filed a complaint with the police on March 7, and the Paris prosecutor’s office confirmed the news. Although Maywen’s attorney has not yet commented on the case, the police report was released just a day after it was announced that her latest film, “Jeanne du Barry” starring Johnny Depp, will open the Cannes Film Festival.

Mediapart has not yet investigated Maywen, but has published a series of stories about her ex-husband, Luc Besson, with whom she shares a daughter. The post was at the forefront of the #MeToo movement in France, publishing the first testimony of Belgian-Dutch actor Sand van Rooy who accused Besson of sexual assault (the case was eventually dismissed), as well as that of French actress Adèle Haenel. Director Christophe Ruggia accuses her of sexual harassment when she was a minor.

Maywen previously said she doesn’t embrace the #MeToo movement and cast Depp to play French King Louis XV in “Jeanne du Barry” when he was in the midst of his legal battle with ex-wife Amber Heard. In the film, Méwen plays Jean du Barry, Louis XV’s greatest love, who brings her to the Palace of Versailles to live near when she is not a noblewoman.

The Plenelle incident will likely overshadow Maywen’s appearance at Cannes, where she will be promoting her film. It remains to be seen how that will affect the festival’s decision to open with Jeanne du Barry, but it’s clear that the controversy surrounding Maywen and her ex-husband didn’t go unnoticed by the media.

It is important to note that allegations of abuse must be taken seriously and thoroughly investigated. Although Mayween has not yet commented on this matter, it is important to allow for due process and the opinion of all parties involved. The #MeToo movement has drawn attention to issues of sexual harassment and assault, and it is important that these issues continue to be addressed responsibly and with respect.

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