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Gilbert Burns accuses Jorge Masvidal of greasing at UFC 287: ‘It was very slippery’

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Gilbert Burns doesn’t necessarily hold a grudge after UFC 287, but he’s confident he’ll have another end to his record – was he able to hang on to Jorge Masvidal.

In a unanimous decision win, Burns outlasted Masvidal on his feet and on the floor over the course of three rounds. Known for his world class wrestling skills, Burns thought he could complete a submission, but in the end he could only maintain control by keeping Masvidal at his command.

« J’attendais vraiment la fin avec impatience, mais je pense que c’était un bon combat », a declaré Burns lors de la conference de presse d’après-combat de l’UFC 287. « J’essaie de faire un spectacle every time. I was really looking forward to being in the finale. I hit him with good shots, dropped him several times – if I’m not mistaken I took 3 takedowns and finished with all 3. A lot of wrestlers haven’t. Many men have faced gladiators. The competitors he fought had a hard time defeating him, and I didn’t.

“I think I showed a lot of improvement, and this guy was slipping. That old dog in Miami with lotion because it was so slippery. Great.”

Fighters are regularly checked by the referee at ringside before entering the cage to ensure there are no extra substances on their bodies. Officials also check things like a mouth guard and a sports cup.

Masvidal may not have been hit when he headed for the cage, but Burns thinks it was because his opponent used a trick that would have caused him to slide only after the two started to sweat.

100 percent – I think [he was greasing]Burns said. “I know the old tricks these guys do. Do you know what these guys do? Wake up.” [Saturday] And they took the first shower and put a lot of lotion on the body.

“The skin absorbs the lotion, and three hours later you do it again, and then again, and again, and again, and again, and your body absorbs it. When you start to sweat a lot, [the lotion comes out]. He definitely did 100%. I tell you.

“I’m not telling you maybe 100%. He was so slippery. When you see the highlights, you see his clear skin. This guy, I gotta give it to this guy. He does all the stuff.”

Burns still thinks he should have kept Masvidal at bay, especially with some of the situations he got on the ground after scoring several takedowns.

100 percent [I could have finished him] He says. “I’ve never felt it that strong at all. I’ve seen so many little details that he’s done. He’s got some great answers to go by, but remember, I’m not going to say names, but he’s fought some great wrestlers, he’s lost those answers. I had three takedowns, I completed all three.

“Every time I was on top, he wouldn’t get up. I think he got up once. But that’s it. I got the guy on the ground under control. If I had less lotion, if I had more lotion, I think I could do that. “

With the fight over, the bantamweight went in two completely different directions, with Burns calling a masterstroke and Masvidal announcing his retirement from MMA.

Burns is already cemented near the top of the 170-pound ratings heading into Saturday. But now he’s looking forward to another UFC gold medal, and he won’t settle for no answer.

“I almost said it was over, Colby [Covington] And Leon [Edwards] In London, if I’m not mistaken, it’s almost over—just the little things,” said Burns. “I’ll be the understudy. I don’t ask. I demand to go [be the backup]Because every time they ask me, every time the UFC calls me to ask for an opponent, I say yes. Now I’m pretending I’m going to training camp for five rounds I’m going to London I’m going back up I’m next in line to fight for the title.

“Otherwise let me go. Let me do my thing. These guys are making a million dollars in other organizations. That’s it. I’m the backup for the next fight, and I’m fighting for the next title.”

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