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Canada’s Joshoi falls to Scotland’s Mwat in the gold medal match at the World Men’s Curling Championships

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Canada’s Brad Gucio won the silver medal at the World Men’s Curling Championship after losing a 9-3 decision to Scotland’s Bruce Mowatt on Sunday in Ottawa.

Moat scored in the second end and added two goals for a steal in the third period.

He never let his head down on his way to his first men’s world title.

hour | Moat leads Scotland to first world men’s curling title since 2009:

Bruce Mowatt leads Scotland to its first world curling title since 2009

Scotland defeated Canada 9-3 to win the World Men’s Curling Championship on Sunday in Ottawa.

The Canadian team of Joshoi, Mark Nichols, EJ Harnden and Jeff Walker knocked out defending champion Niklas Edin of Sweden before defeating top seed Yannick Schaller of Switzerland in the semi-finals on Saturday night.

But the home team was looking for the finale in front of a raucous crowd at TD Place.

Canada had the advantage in experience, but the young Scots – with an average age of just under 29 – had some great match moments too.

Mouat is the junior world champion and mixed doubles world champion and won a silver medal at the Olympics last year in Beijing.

With Bobby Lamy and Hammy McMillan shining up front and Grant Hardy and Mowat behind, the Scots refused to let go of the pressure.

Canada’s chances were limited to a determined Scottish team. Some Canadian mistakes have also proven costly.

St. John Gosh hooked the four-foot ring in the third and attempted a hit-and-run in the fifth.

Mouat leveled by two goals to go 6-1 up at half-time to the delight of the Scottish fans at the back of the arena.

Canada scored their first run of the match in the sixth over as Scotland came on the scoreboard.

Mouat played a hit instead of the more dangerous double hit.

Skip the Scotsman was content to drive with the hammer and three runs in the seventh.

After a blank, Gushue tried to punch and roll but could not completely remove the Scotch stone from the 12-foot ring.

Mowat followed that up with a three-goal knockdown as Canada conceded.

hour | Colin Jones and Devin Horrocks crush the finale in this curling scene:

It was Moat’s third appearance on the men’s world podium. He finished third in 2018 and won the silver medal in 2021.

Earlier in the day, Switzerland beat Italy’s Joel Rentenas 11-3 to take the bronze medal.

Gucho and Nichols Walker, with runner-up Brett Gallant, won gold in the men’s world debut in 2017 in Edmonton.

The quartet settled for silver in 2018 and 2022 when they fell to Eden the previous two years in Las Vegas.

Harden, who joined Josho after Gallant’s departure last spring, won silver in 2013 on a team led by Brad Jacobs.

Just like he did at the Brier last month in London, Ont. Gushue sometimes struggled while playing Robin.

A 6-3 loss to Scotland on Thursday night led to a late night training session and a squad meeting the next morning.

Canada was in good shape to qualify for the final, but failed to secure its third straight victory in the qualifying tournament.

No. 2 seed Scotland enjoyed a quarter-final clash before beating Italy in the semi-final that ended in an extra set.

It was the first Scottish title in the event since David Murdoch’s victory over Canadian Kevin Martin in 2009 in Moncton.

The announced attendance for the final was 5,604, bringing the grand total to 75,960.

Joshu, the 2006 Olympic champion, will be Canada’s entry to the Brier next year in Regina.

The winner of this event will represent Canada at the 2024 Men’s World Championships in Schaffhausen, Switzerland.

Kerry Einarson edged out Canada to win the bronze medal at the women’s world championships last month in Sandviken, Sweden.

Jennifer Jones and Brent Ling will wear the Maple Leaf at the World Mixed Doubles Championships from April 22-29 in Gangneung, South Korea.

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