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Evan Bouchard shot Edmonton Oilers over Colorado Avs

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Another classic happened between the Edmonton Oilers and Colorado Avs, who went to overtime for the third time in three meetings this season.

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This time, however, Edmonton beat second-ranked leading scorer Evan Bouchard 2-1 Oilers.

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Total initial shots (about 25% of the time) were 15 for Edmonton and 10 for Avs, with a subset of 5 warning shots (33%) in three shots for oils and six shots for Avs.

Connor McDavid, 8 years old. The captain came to win. He made eight major contributions to his first-class plans, including five first-class plans. He shook things up with a solid defensive play into the hole to thwart Ivan Rodriguez’s putt, then had his first first-order shot of the match, looping around the net and firing a backhand. But he was beaten to the ice by McKinnon on Avs’ first jailbreak. He got a breakaway in the second, then saw the puck rip off his stick during a bite. He rowed until he knocked out a great wrestler in the third. As far as individual contributions and fouls on first-order shots for and against are just as intense and on special teams: rush into the extra play and hit the decisive penalty. GSA: ES, +6, -1, ST, +2, 0.

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Zach Heyman, 7 years old. His regular game of hustle saw him contribute a number of first-order runs. He won a fight on the boards, then his pass deflected dangerously off the net with 15 seconds left in the third. He is tied with McD for most shots at the net, seven each. GSA: ES, +5.0, ST, +1.0.

Ryan Nugent Hopkins, 4. He, too, was slow to control McKinnon’s early rush. It’s not his best game. GSA: ES, +1, -2, ST, 1.0.

Leon Dristel 5. His feet did not move. He caught a pass late in the third period on a one-man rush from close range, which led to a dangerous Avs scramble and opportunity. But he has amassed 14 head-to-head wins and only four losses, including a winner who conceded and kept a clean sheet even in force, making no major mistakes against first-class shots against him. GSA: ES, +1.0, ST, +2.0.

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Evander Kane, 6 years old. Make his presence known. He moved the whole game, hitting Avs hard with a late shot into the net near the end of the second half. He led the team with six hits. GSA: ES, 0.0, ST, 0.0.

Kailer Yamamoto, 4. Not his best match with some good moments. Buen Biram threw hard at first. He lost to Devon Toews on a reverse check resulting in a 5-shot caution in the closing seconds of a second. GSA: ES, 0, -1, ST, 0.0.

Nick Bigstad, 4. Oops! His attempt to check the sweep saw him drive the ball back into the Oilers’ net for Colorado’s first goal. He fired a powerful short shot over the net early in the second. He fumbled hard to deflect an opportunity in the Avs slot in the third slot and made powerful plays on PK. GSA: ES, 0, -1, ST, 0, -2.

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Clem Costin, 4. It doesn’t have much effect on that. Jack Johnson hit hard first. He inadvertently pinned a puck to the boards at the start of the second to collect a penalty. GSA: ES, 0.0, ST, 0.0.

Matthias Janmark, 5. A little quiet on this one, but nothing too bad. GSA: ES, 0.0, ST, 0, -1.

Warren Voegele, 5. He skated into the hole, which led to a ferocious putt by Rantanen in the second. He charged to the ice to hit a dangerous double in the third. GSA: ES, +2, -1, ST, 0.0.

Ryan McLeod, 6 years old. Solid effort and decent results. He made a good backhand pass to set up Ekholm’s goal in the first half. GSA: ES, +2.0, ST, 0.0.

Derek Ryan, 7 years old. The usual scramble and effective play. He slotted powerfully into the net to provide a key screen for Ekholm’s goal. A moment later, he returned to the net to hit a powerful shot into the net after bouncing off the end of the board. GSA: ES, +2.0, ST, 0.0.

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Nurse Darnell, 8 years old. He plays better hockey. Power tower there at 24:46 team high. He fired a shot on Rantanen’s rebound in the second half. Jack Johnson violently attacked her. He kept clean sheets even in his power, which is always a good thing for a D man. GSA: ES, 0.0, ST, 0, -2.

Vincent Descharne, 7. He played on the best pairing with Nurse and looked home at 8:08 p.m. playing time, and kept just as strong clean sheets. GSA: ES, 0.0, ST, 0, -1.

Matthias Ekholm, 8 years old. Edmonton Twin Power Tower on the left hand side is and Nurse. Keeps bringing in the heat. The Oilers got this, blasting a Gladiator through a screen for Edmonton’s first goal. Set up a separate stack per second. GSA: ES, +5, -2, ST, 0.0.

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Evan Bouchard, 8 years old. Another strong game, which was crowned by the winner in overtime. Great event with some bad but more good and the big moment for OT glory. His confident quick kick started Edmonton’s first scoring streak. He was then beaten by McKinnon’s icy rush. A nugget on Rantanen’s shot per second. He allowed McKinnon to fire a Grade A rebound onto the boards early in the second. But he fired his opening goal, which was hit by Heymann’s low cross a moment later. He made a fine pass to set up Voegeli’s dangerous shot in the third period. GSA: ES, +4, -4, ST, +3.0.

Philip Broberg, 6. He moved well, played well and had two shots on goal. The first goal came off his skate, and it was not Broberg’s fault. GSA: ES, 0, -1, ST, 0.0.

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Brett Colak, 6 years old. Soft play and strong play. GSA: ES, +1.0, ST, 0.0.

Stuart Skinner, 9. The best oiler in this game, with a quiet, assured and excellent performance. He could do nothing against Bjugstad-Broberg’s advice, but came after a big moment, thwarting MacKinnon-Rantanen’s jailbreak and bayonet. He made another big save from McKinnon’s punch a few minutes later. Rantanen got frustrated again on the second drive, as Nurse blocked the rebound attempt. The deciding seal save by Toews with four seconds left in the second.

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