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The Last of Us Part 1 PS5 patch adds Ellie’s HBO t-shirt from PC

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Ellie has a new wardrobe coming in the PlayStation 5 version of The Last of Us Part 1.

on TwitterDeveloper Naughty Dog has announced that the latest installment of The Last of Us Part 1 on PS5 is adding the previously PC-exclusive t-shirts to the PlayStation version of the game.

A new shirt hosts the Mortal Kombat II logo, which Ellie and Riley play in the HBO show’s adaptation of Left Behind. The other shirt features HBO’s The Wire logo. Patch 1.03 also introduces some bug fixes for The Last of Us Part 1 on PS5.

The PlayStation 5 was already the exact place to play the remake of the acclaimed classic Naughty Dog, as the latest PC version was plagued with issues. But the addition of these two series-inspired T-shirts makes the PS5 version of the game even more appealing to returning fans.

The PC port was criticized on Steam for performance issues and crashes, prompting Naughty Dog to address widespread issues in the community. Several fixes have already been released to improve memory, performance, etc.

Poor performance on PC is one of The Last of Us’ early flaws, giving us impressive scores for both The Last of Us Part 1 and HBO’s The Last of Us.

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