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The Bruins set an NHL single-season record

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“I don’t know if that means a difference from what we’ve been doing all year,” coach Jim Montgomery said. “It’s good to break the points record. The Montreal team that beat us only played 80 games. I think [63] 80 games is more important, but it’s a good year. I’m more interested because we’re playing the right way. »

For Montgomery, who grew up in Montreal, the importance of scoring was put into perspective when he reversed the dominance of Canadian teams in the 1970s.

“When you say it like that, yeah. I grew up watching these teams play all the time,” Montgomery said. “I remember the only tickets I got were when they played the California Golden Seals or the Washington Capitals and it was always 11-0, that’s how dominant they are.

“I think of all the Hall of Famers on these teams, and then Scotty [Bowman] Behind the bench and going to the old Montreal Forum, thinking about the quality of those teams and how we got past that total.

“It’s important because those were the dominant hockey teams.”

VIDEO: Montgomery speaks to the media after the game

Montgomery also revealed that he heard from Bowman and his friend, Tampa Bay Lightning coach John Cooper, after Boston broke the NHL’s winning record Sunday in Philadelphia. Bowman (1995-96 Detroit Red Wings) and Cooper (2018-19 Tampa Bay Lightning) both coached teams with a previous record of 62.

“We’re in elite company,” Montgomery said. Call me John Cooper [Monday] Morning and Scotty and I text on Sunday. It’s fun to have people like that… The other coaches in the league were texting me too. that’s fun ” .

With only one regular season game left on Thursday in Montreal, the Bruins also became one of 33 teams in league history with a losing streak or less, according to NHL Stats. Boston was held only from March 12-14.

The Bruins are also only 18 years oldthere team in league history with two or fewer winless streaks (0-2-1 January 26-29 and 0-2-0 March 12-14).

“It’s something we’re proud of.” Brad Merchant Talk about Boston’s driving record. “We had our eyes on him the last short period because we were the first to lock up. We needed something to play with for the rest of the regular season. That’s a goal we wanted to achieve. It’s not the be or end of everything. An incredible achievement. We’re very proud of this group and what we’ve been able to do.” achieve it.”

“With the history of this league, the number of good teams, it’s special. And that’s something I think we’ll be more proud of in the future. We’re happy about it now, don’t get me wrong, but it’s been a standard regular season. The playoffs start and everything starts over.” 16 teams have the same goal in mind.

What we have achieved so far has no effect on that. We will stop him. We have another big game here in a few days and this is our last chance to get ready for the qualifiers… I think that’s part of why we’ve been so good this year – we park our cars every day and worry about tomorrow and keep building.

“It’s great to have him with us, it says a lot about our group. We were ready to play every night. We have something much bigger to build.”

Video: Marchand went 1-1-2, Bruins beat Cap 5-2

Almark makes history

There was also one date on a Tuesday night like Linus Ullmark He made 19 saves—before leaving the game in the third period with an injury—for his 40th career goalthere won that season, tying Pete Peters (1982-83) for the most in Bruins history.

The goalkeeper also became the fastest goalkeeper in history to achieve the feat, having done so in just 49 minutes.there Seasonal game. The previous record was held by Washington player Braden Holtby (52 games in 2015-16).

After the game, Montgomery said Allmark’s muscles pulled and he left the game “as a precaution” and “he’ll be fine”.

Video: WSH @ BOS: Ullmark scores it on Snively

100- Masoud

After holding a career-high 99 points in the last five games, Thomas Nozick He passed 100 when he caught a puck high in the hole after a Washington spin and came up to give the Bruins a 3-1 lead at 4:13 of the third.

“It felt good,” Nosk said of the 100-point plateau. “It doesn’t happen often. So try to enjoy the moment. Now I’m behind me, and we’re focused on the next game and the big picture.”

“It’s a good thing for him,” Montgomery added. “He’s a great teammate, he’s done so many good things behind the scenes and little things that help build our team wins, it’s nice to see him rewarded. And a hundred points is a good run for anyone in this league – maybe not Pastas, but most guys.”

Later in the period, Nosek added point 101 by serving an elegant 2-in-1 dish on a plate for Hathaway agateAnd that ended if Boston put, 4-2, at 7:49 of the last frame.

“We played together from the start,” Nozick said of his chemistry with his teammate. “I think he’s been good. He’s a solid guy. He checks hard. You can read it easily. He’s been good so far.”

Video: WSH @ BOS: Nosek scores in the third round

Pasta help

With his first pass against the Capitals, David Pasternak He became only the second player in Bruins history with 60 goals and 50 assists in one season (Phil Esposito, four times – last in 1974-75). The winger joined Edmonton’s Connor McDavid (64-87-151) as the only NHL players this season to accomplish the feat. According to NHL Stats, the last season that featured two players achieving these goals was 1995-96: Mario Lemieux (69-92-161) and Jaromir Jagr (62-87-149).

It was also Pastrnak’s first career season with 50 assists, making him the third Bruin in the past 10 years to reach that number along with Brad Marchand (three times, last in 2019-20) and David Krejci (three times, most recently in 2018-19).

Pastrnak also had two power-ups to give his 202 career pass and Cam Neely pass runs (200) ninth all-time for the Bruins.

Video: The Bruins set another record with a 5-2 win over the Capitals

Wait, there’s more

  • Boston scored power play goals in both of its power play opportunities and now has six of 13 (46.2%) in six games through April, leading the NHL. “I thought we really started playing against Washington and creating a lot of good scoring opportunities that led to power plays that led to goals,” Montgomery said.
  • A good mark for Marchand, who opened the scoring at 8:32 of a second, was 21street Goal of the season and first since March 9 in Edmonton with 17 appearances. “I’m about to laugh about it,” he said of the dehydration. “I think it gets frustrating but then it gets to a point where it’s laughable. You can’t take it seriously. I think that’s where it’s at. It gets to a point where it just isn’t normal anymore and I know that “I have much better and higher expectations. But at the same time, we win a lot of games and have a lot of fun. Let the frustration get in your way and see what we’ve been up to here lately and how much fun we’ve had, you don’t have to worry. If we lose a lot of games and those goals are necessary, I would have pushed so hard for it. We still won every night.
  • Boston had a power play again less than six minutes later when Tyler Bertuzzi Pastrnak bounced off the top of the crease and hit a home run to give BS a 2-0 lead. “It was working really well, we’re just trying to find each other,” Bertuzzi said of his chemistry with Pasternak. “I know he’s good at opening up and finding ground. I just try to support him as much as possible and [Pavel Zacha’s] It was really good in the middle of the road for us as well. »
  • According to NHL stats, Marchand has 93 catchesresearch and development He played his career multi-pass pass to pass Adam Oates for the ninth-most possession in Bruins history. The winger also scored 63 goalsresearch and development Ken Hodge’s three-point career tied for sixth-most in team history.

Video: Bertuzzi speaks to the media after their 5-2 win over WSH

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