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How to Find Trending Audio on Instagram Reels

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Instagram is rapidly closing the gap between its platform and TikTok, part of its ongoing plan to swallow the politically contested video app whole.

The Meta-owned platform launched new features for Instagram Reels creators on April 14, including new metrics, giveaways, and a space designed for users to “find inspiration” through trending audio and hashtags.

“We strive to make Instagram the home of creators like you to express your creativity, connect with your audience, and earn a living. » Meta said in a blog post about the announcement(Opens in a new tab). “Today we’re announcing improvements to Reels – to help you perform at your best. »

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Creators can now see the top popular songs and audios on Reels, along with analytics on how often the audio is used. This is a feature that TikTok has had for some time and it is likely that it has resulted in files The success (or lack thereof) of musicians and songs on the app(Opens in a new tab). To find popular audio on Instagram Reels, creators go to their professional dashboard and scroll down to “Reels Trends”, all audio tags and hashtags will be presented. For example today, April 16, the top hit on Instagram Reels is Doechii’s “What It Is (Block Boy)” with 25,500 rolls, and the most popular hashtag is #coachella, with 5.2 million rolls. .

In addition to the most popular songs and audio, users and creators will now be able to see the most popular topics and hashtags – important tools for creators to reach a wider audience. Creators can also edit your videos, audio, stickers, and text on a newly unified editing screen, and they have access to your total watch time, average watch time, and number of new subscribers you’ve received through your video balls and your fans. sent you gifts, all measures that were not available before. for content creators. Many of these tools were already available on the app’s competitor, TikTok.

Instagram is poised to overtake TikTok since the ByteDance-owned platform gained traction in the US, so that’s nothing new. But it comes at a time when TikTok is struggling to fight the ban. Government lawmakers around the world have implemented several bans on the app due to concerns that TikTok is providing user data to the Chinese government.

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