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ZDF Studios Promotes Reality Entertainment, Opeli Catches ‘The Plague’

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ZDF Boots Factual Entertainment

ZDF Studios is boosting reality entertainment with the creation of a new Content Laden company.

Founded with Managing Director Tom Jamlich and Creative Director Jan Fritzowski, the Munich-based subsidiary will focus on the development and production of innovative, high-quality formats. Gamlich and Fritzowsky most recently served as the long-term executive team at South & Browse, overseeing the development and production of successful live entertainment formats for broadcasters and streamers.

Content-laden creation has been “an investment in creativity and innovation. We want to create premium formats, and in doing so create sustainable growth over the long term,” said Marcus Schäfer, President and CEO of ZDF Studios.

Opel sells “La Peste” by Albert Camus

French Oble has acquired the international distribution rights to La Peste, a modern adaptation of the novel of the same name by Albert Camus. While the book’s story is set in the 1940s, the miniseries is set in the year 2029 in a society still recovering from waves of COVID pandemics and now facing an even deadlier pandemic. The series in four episodes, adapted and written by Gilles Turand and Georges-Marc Benamo, produced by Siècle Productions for France 2. Directed by Antoine Garceau (“Call my agent”, “Greek salad”), filming of “La Peste” begins April 17 in the south of France . Frédéric Pierrot (“In Therapy”), Hugo Becker (“Baron Noir”), Sophia Saudi (“Women at War”).

Italy takes “The Vow”

Mediaset has acquired the popular daily Spanish drama, The Vow. The show has been sold by Studiocanal and will be broadcast on Channel 5 later this year. The series is produced by Bambú Producciones de Studiocanal for TVE in Spain, which has renewed it for a second season. Created by Josep Cister Rubio (“Dos Vidas”), “The Vow” is currently broadcast on TVE’s La1, enjoying a successful run in the highly competitive daily slot in Spain.

Courtesy of Pernel Media

Planet + WW1 Docudrama requests

French documentary group Canal + Planete + has commissioned a World War I documentary series from Pernel Media entitled “1914, Summer in Hell”. The immersive production tells the events of the first summer of the Great War from the perspectives of the soldiers sent to the battlefield and the civilians working on the front lines. Across four-hour episodes and using color archives and dramatic recreations, 1914’s “Summer in Hell” takes viewers straight into the action as war rages across Europe, shattering the quiet lives of millions of young men in Europe as they are sent to fight. Struggle most of them do not understand. Fabrice Franck is the Executive Producer of Pernel Media based in France and the UK.

Courtesy of Red Arrow Studios Intl.

Australia welcomes honeymoon island

Red Arrow Studios International. She sold “Stranded on Honeymoon Island” to the Seven Network in Australia after successfully launching its new format at London Screenings. Endemol Shine Australia will produce the new dating adventure show, in which couples who met experts are stranded on a desert island and left to fend for themselves for three weeks. Copenhagen-based Snowman Productions, part of Seven.One Studios and a sister company to Red Arrow Studios, has submitted a preliminary bid to Belgium’s VTM and plans to set up and operate a production center in Southeast Asia. . New local versions of the format.

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