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Custom sound zones are the latest game-changing feature for TWS headphones

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Imagine that. Your headphones are attached, but you can still hear the world around you. The earbuds deliver great sound straight into your ear, but they don’t stay inside your ear, which means they won’t obstruct your hearing or get clogged with earwax *ugh* . You can hear the sound clearly and privately, as the people around you do not suffer from any sound “leakage” from the headphones to the rest of the world. This is the promise of the nwm MBE001 TWS speakers with PSZ or Custom Sound Zone technology. Unlike bone conduction headphones which use vibrations to conduct sound – a technology that has not proven to be an effective replacement for actual audio drivers – the nwm MBE001 uses a set of audio drivers that sit close to your ear and transmit the sound directly to it. This is done, while simultaneously creating a “custom sound zone” by emitting opposing sound waves to cancel out any noise that might end up spreading to people next to you. It’s kind of like having your own personal Bluetooth speaker that only you can listen to…and the best part? You can hear everything else, like other people talking to you, horrible cars, a family member asking you a quick question while you’re in a meeting, or the bartender telling you the cost of your coffee order…everything using headphones, or the speakers in your ears.

Developer: NTT Sonority

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The nwm MBE001 indicates that it is not “headphones”. Headphones are placed inside the ear, sealing the ear canal so that external sounds cannot escape. Alternatively, the nwm MBE001 is referred to as an “over-ear soundbar”. They sit on your ear rather than in it and intelligently direct sound frequencies directly into your ear canal without closing your ear. They feature a design that also helps them visually stand out from standard headphones. Instead of staying in your ear, they hook around your ear with the audio drivers on the front and the battery and chipset module on the back.

Technology helps you maintain situational awareness by allowing you to hear your surroundings.

Enjoy your favorite tunes on a nighttime ride without worrying about people, vehicles, or other potential hazards nearby.

The world’s first dedicated sound zone technology.

Wearing the nwm MBE001 on-ear headphones is no different than how you wear normal sports style headphones. The headphones hang around your ear, with the audio drivers facing the ear canal opening. Connect them to your playback device such as your smartphone and the nwm MBE001 focuses sound directly into your ears. The PSZ technology inside the nwm MBE001 also creates a network of reversed-phase noise canceling sound waves, focusing them outward. These outside waves cancel out the sound playing in your ears, so people around you can’t hear what you hear.

The nwm MBE001 on-ear speakers weigh just 9.5g per earbud (AirPods Pro 5.3g) and come with a carrying case as well as a smartphone app to set up the on-ear speakers . Designed to be compact, the carrying case does not contain a battery, so it will not effectively charge the headphones, but it will allow you to plug in a USB-C cable to charge the nwm MBE001 when its battery is low. Each earbud packs enough battery for a full 6 hours of playtime, which should get you through a day or so. On the other hand, a smartphone app allows you to take advantage of the full potential of the earphones, with the possibility of choosing between presets, seeing the battery level on each earphone and even tinkering with the equalizer.

Say no to pleasures and yes to connection with the world.

The on-ear speakers produce well-balanced sound.

Designed to be the next generation of portable audio or “audio” devices, the nwm MBE001 offers a unique experience in the market. Designed to be worn all day, the speakers are perfect for listening to music and podcasts, while staying aware of the world around you, whether you’re at work, taking a walk in the park, at the gym sport or even chat with someone while you listen to music at the same time. The nwm MBE001 is available for $98 for a single set (get the YD Readers secret discount below), or an additional $195 for two pairs of on-ear speakers!

Click here to buy now: $97 $177 (45% off exclusive to YD readers). ! On the right, more than 30

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