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Forget the new MacBook Pro, Apple has something much better

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Updated April 18: This article was originally published on April 15.

apple macbook range It is always lacking in a larger consumer laptop. With older Intel machines, 15-inch and 17-inch screens were limited to more powerful and expensive MacBook Pro laptops. With the launch of Apple Silicon, consumer MacBook Air laptops offered performance levels comparable to Intel-powered pros, and the entry-level MacBook Air was one of the most powerful laptops around. at its price.

However, something was missing, something that is abundant in Windows laptops; Consumer-focused 15-inch laptops. Apple has seriously avoided offering this option to macOS fans. If you wanted a bigger laptop screen, you had to spend a lot more money and opt for MacBook Pro laptops.

That should change this year. Those who need a bigger screen can overlook the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro laptops; Apple is finally gearing up with a 15-inch plane…but there’s something about the specs to worry about.

Update: Monday April 17: Write to fleurberg In his Power On newsletter, Mark Gurman outlines Apple’s plans for three new MacBooks — updates to the 13-inch Air and 13-inch Pro, and the new 15-inch Air — but he also has two computer caveats. portable.

The first is that only select laptops will be launched at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June, and the second is that the models launched at WWDC will not feature the new M3 technology. Instead, you’ll be limited to “something in line with existing M2 processors”.

We may not see a full upgrade to the M3 family, but the idea of ​​a chip halfway between the M2 and M3 is an interesting possibility, not least because it would create a bigger gap between consumer and business machines, but also because they could be considered upgrades over last year’s laptops, even if the same basic technique is used.

Update: Tuesday April 18: In addition to the discussion of Apple Silicon’s possible non-launch of M3 chips at WWDC, reports indicate that TSMC (Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturer) will focus production on silicon intended for iPhone 2023 Update: Anil Ganti for NotebookCheck:

The Apple M3 is said to be one of the first chips built on TSMC’s new N3B node. While TSMC says mass production of the N3B is going according to plan (after numerous delays), the M3 was not expected to go on-line until Q3 2023. Current capacity is likely reserved for the A17 Bionic, which from It is expected to power the next series of iPhone 15.

Given this date range, the first M3 laptops could realistically be announced in October for November availability. This mirrors the launch model of the M1-powered 13-inch MacBook Air and Macbook Pro laptops. This means that 15 new inches of air will be built on existing technology.

The obvious choice for powering a larger MacBook Air would be Apple Silicon’s next-gen M3 chips; The new MacBook Air with a new chipset will offer the latest technology and the longest possible lifespan, and provide an attractive upgrade for existing Air users running older M1 or M2 chips.

Is this Apple’s intention for the largest laptop?

latest reports From various log files received from third-party macOS application developers, it shows that a new, currently unavailable laptop with product ID “Mac 15.3” suggests a 15-inch MacBook Air. The records also show some specs; The screen has a similar resolution to the 14-inch MacBook Pro, the 8GB of RAM keeps up with current Air laptops, and the chipset has eight main and ten graphics cores.

This all adds up to the expected larger MacBook Air, but the core count is… curious. الحالية المستخدمة في طرازات MacBook Air إلى أن Apple قد تؤخر إطلاق مجموعة شرائح M3 للسماح لجهاز MacBook Air مقاس 15 بوصة ب؊ح؋ و ٧ ل “” إطلاق هذا الكمبيوتر المحمول الجديد مع شرائح جيل واحد Once again.

Given the absurd levels of hype surrounding the launch of Apple’s mixed reality effort at WWDC, there’s an argument that you’re not diluting any of the messaging about this new product line with another new line of products. That’s exactly what the 15-inch MacBook Air will be.

A few years ago, Apple launched all new iPhone and iPhone Pro models with the latest A-series chipsets. and the price difference between Vanilla and Vanilla Pro phones. Apple has also kept the M1 MacBook Air in its inventory, allowing the company to maintain the entry price of $999 while offering the M2 MacBook Air at a higher price.

Tim Cook’s Apple has shown over the past few years that it will happily mix and match generations of devices to create a tiered portfolio with options at every price point. The larger MacBook Air with the M2 chipset matches this style quite well. MacBook Air machines that have been on the MacBook Pro for a generation will also fit this model.

Honestly, the M2 chipset already gives consumers quite a bit of performance, which will be more than enough for most tasks. Those who need more power can look to the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models.

Now that Apple is going to introduce the 15-inch MacBook Air, those who need a bigger screen can finally skip overpriced and overpriced MacBook Pro models. Even with the M2 chipset, the larger MacBook Air would be a welcome, if very late, addition to the Mac lineup.

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