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Radio legend says local baseball fans are “worried” about the Canadians’ new owners in Vancouver, US

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Legendary sports commentator Jim Robson says Vancouver baseball fans are “worried” that the Vancouver Canadiens are now owned by a New York company.

Robson, who called baseball games at Nat Bailey Stadium beginning in the 1950s, made the comments during his sponsorship announcement.

“Vancouver fans are a little concerned. They want this franchise to stay. We all hope the new owners will fully appreciate the great history of baseball in the city of Vancouver and this great stadium that is a part of it.”

Diamond Baseball Holdings (DBH) recently agreed to purchase the Vancouver Canadiens from local businessmen Jake Kerr and Jeff Mooney. DBH was formed in 2021 and owns and operates some minor league clubs affiliated with Major League Baseball.

“DBH will strive to maintain and enhance a deep local connection while enhancing the experience for fans, players and the community,” the press release read.

The Canadiens are currently the Class A affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays. According to the Diamond Baseball Holdings website, the company owns 16 minor league baseball teams in the United States.

During its history, relationships and affiliations have changed several times.

In 1999, then-American owner Art Savage flew the Canadiens from Vancouver to Sacramento just days after winning the Triple-A World Series.

The Vancouver Canadiens Class A baseball team was recently sold to Diamond Baseball Holdings of New York. (Tina Lofgren/CBC)

Vancouver is the only minor league team in Canada affiliated with Major League Baseball, and two years ago, [MLB] “He’s knocked out a lot of the minor teams and leagues,” Robson said.

“It’s been a huge success here, averaging over 5,000 fans per game when it’s hot. So it would be good if they could keep going.”

Kerr, who remained the new president of the Canadiens, assured fans that the team would stay put.

All administrations will be local. [Diamond Baseball Holdings] They offer sponsors and media assistance, but they will not run this team. »

On Tuesday, the team announced a five-year sponsorship deal to name Rogers Field after Nat Bailey Stadium. Kerr said major facilities upgrades are planned.

The stadium, colloquially known as “The Nut”, was built in the Little Mountain neighborhood of Vancouver in 1951.

Originally called Capilano Stadium, it was renamed in 1978 to honor White Spot restaurant founder and baseball fan Nat Bailey.

At 71, it is the oldest sports stadium in Vancouver, according to BC Sports Hall of Fame curator Jason Beck.

CBC requested an interview with a representative from Diamond Baseball Holdings.

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