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the physical version of Reboot Camp has a reversible sleeve

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Image: Nintendo

Nintendo has been incredibly busy this week with all sorts of Switch-related announcements, and if news like a new Xenoblade Chronicles amiibo and Indie World Showcase weren’t already enough, they’re also bringing a pair of Game Boy Advance classics to life on Friday.

Yup, in case you’re losing your mind, Advance Wars is back this week in a two-in-one game version of Advance Wars 1 + 2: Re-Boot Camp. It includes both the original GBA titles released in the West and enhances them with new graphics, voice acting, and more.

If you needed some extra incentive to get your hands on the physical version, it’s been revealed that the game will include a reversible cover. Nintendo Switch subreddit user’waveformAn image of their Australian version of the game. As previously stated there is the standard art (routing box art from the first game) and the other side is apparently a throwback to the second game, Black Hole Rising.

Photo: Nintendo Live

If you haven’t decided if the remake is for you yet, be sure to read our full Nintendo Life review. We said it was a delightful reimagining of two classics and offered a very timeless experience.

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