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club pro Michael Block continues the 2023 PGA Magic Championship with a narrow lead

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Michael Block’s Cinderella Story just got better and better.

The pro club had already had an unexpected week, as they found themselves paired up with Rory McIlroy in the final round of the PGA Championship. Then, with his magic four rounds over, Block Par-3 hit a par-15 from 151 yards at Oak Hill with an iron 7—the only swing he needed at the hole.

Exactly like His reaction Saturday night When he found out he would face McIlroy on Sunday, Block was in disbelief that he had taken a hole-in-one – the first time he had competed.

“No, the way… Rory, did you come?” Block said after a moment.

The quadruple main hero has asked this question many times.

” [McIlroy] “He must have told me five times that I made it,” Block said after the run. So it was a great experience for Rory to tell me I made a hole in one before God knows how many people supported me. »

The ace has taken the 46-year-old from California, who charges $125 per lesson at Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club, to the required level.

“It was a great golf shot,” McIlroy said afterwards. “That hole kind of kicked me all week. I didn’t really like the look of it, and Michael got up and hit that sweet spot off the left wind, and you know, the ball goes straight into the hole. I think it was kind of when it was your week, it was your week in a way.”

Regardless of his success on the final three holes, Block Week will forever remain in major championship tradition. However, he again ran out of slams, making him a top 15 finisher to qualify for the PGA next year at Valhalla.

The block’s approach to the #72 hole fell on the fairway to the left of the hole. But he hit a chip a few meters from the hole and made the clutch gun to put on the T-15.

“If you put me on 18 throwing the third of those 40 yards, Sidehill gives up the rough at a tight pin at 18, and you tell me I’m up and down in next year’s PGA Championship, it’s not ‘There is no God’s way in Greenland’ that I will do.”

But he did. Now, hoping to continue her Cinderella career in the short term, Block is accepting a sponsor invitation after her touring tour next week at the Colonial.

He said, “When I go play for the Colonials next week, I won’t be depressed, but it will be like, ‘No problem, right? ‘” “Concerning what I have been doing in the last days.

“So I’m comfortable. I’m happy. I’m kind of built for it.”

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