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Jetpack Compose brings performance improvements, better tool integration and hardware updates3

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During the Google I/O conference, Google made a move to announce a new version of the Jetpack Compose UI toolkit for Android. Among many improvements, Jetpack Compose now offers better performance, expanded support in Android Studio, new Material 3 library, and more.

Google says it’s working on Compose’s performance by migrating modifiers to a new, more efficient app. Composition modifiers They are what you use to decorate or augment a configurable element, such as changing its appearance, making it planable and draggable, etc. According to Google, the new system brings a performance improvement of 22%. Text And TextField vehicle, but the punching kit benefits from its adoption.

Jetpack Compose also includes new UI features, including a pager component to return the list of articles and news FlowRow And FlowColumn Layouts to automatically arrange the list of items in a vertical or horizontal layout.

The integration of Compose into Android Studio has also progressed by including support for direct editing and expanded animation preview in the current Android Studio beta. More features are built into the Android Studio canary, called Hedgehog, such as showing parameters that have changed in the debugger to investigate why a re-render is, and support for the new Espresso Device API that allows rotations, folds and other simultaneous configuration changes to apply to virtual devices. , And more.

Jetpack Compose also updates the official Material Design 3 design system app for Android which is coming to Variant 1.1. Compose Material 3 1.1 brings new components, improved APIs, and a number of improvements. The new components also include the standard or conditional lower leaves, which overlaps the main user interface; new DatePicker And DateRangePicker; new TimePicker Supports two different layouts, horizontal for keyboard time input and vertical for basic gesture time input; revamped search bar and vertical search bar, which differ in the way they display search results, either full-screen or in a smaller window; and tricks support.

The new Jetpack Compose also expands support for large screens, foldable devices, and wearables. In particular, the new Preview Library aims to facilitate the development of interactive and responsive home screen widgets. Composer for WearOS 1.2 has reached an alpha level, bringing improvements such as loading animations, long menu and text collapse, improvements to carousel entries for menu navigation, and better integration of the preview in Android Studio.

For a full list of changes included in the latest Compose release, see the official Release Notes.

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