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release date, trailer and everything you need to know

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Of the 25 trailers shown during Wednesday’s PlayStation show, it seems the one fans were talking about the next morning was also the most memorable. that he ghost coded zeroby S-Game, and its genre/style/characteristics may also be difficult to describe as a kitchen sink.

We’ll do everything we can to get you started in this interesting adventure, which at least seems to offer players an elegant sword and melee combo in a world based on feudal China.

What is Phantom Blade Zero?

It’s a role-playing game that should delight fans of modern role-playing games like Ghost of TsushimaAnd Sekiro: Shadows Die TwiceAnd Wu Long: The Fallen Dynastyespecially since they share themes of Asian culture.

but Phantom Blade Zero Layers on a lot of its own traditions with an amazing mix of martial arts and steampunk. Become a Dark Raider exiled by the Order, embark on a path of revenge and uncover Wulin’s darkest secrets! he tells her Official YouTube List.

A PlayStation blog post from S-Game Soulframe founder Liang after the show, “Phantom World,” the universe the game takes place in, is a world where many kinds of powers converge. You’ll find Chinese Kungfu, intricate machinery reminiscent of steampunk, occult arts, and cool stuff that doesn’t fit into any of those categories. »

The protagonist, named Spirit, is an assassin who has been framed for killing the leader of the Order. After being mortally wounded, a magical healer saved the soul’s life, but only for 66 days. Thus, there is a race against time through the game’s narrative to defeat the Order’s enemies and bring justice to those responsible.

About the game’s visual layout, Liang said, “The dark/gloomy visual style that you’ll see a lot in the game is a deliberate decision. The dark world really brings out the characters with hearts of gold. »

Other than that, the S-Game website is mum, leaving things to teasers and screenshots. Good place to find more of a newly created subreddit where fans took out parts of the trailer and pointed out what they thought of it Phantom Blade Zero You will receive it as soon as it is released.

Is Phantom Blade Zero a soul game?

That’s a question many fans ask, given his comparisons to sekiro And Wu Longbut Liang said Phantom Blade Zero Not necessarily a Soulslike game.

“We’re big fans of the hack-and-slash genre,” Liang said. “The most popular today are ‘strategic action games,’ like Soulslikes and Monster Hunter. They choose to slow things down a notch or two, giving players more time to think strategically.

Liang added, “But this approach doesn’t reflect the kind of action party we have in mind, which is the sleek, spectacular moves of ’90s Kungfu movies.”

Who is S-Game, the developer of Phantom Blade Zero?

S-Game is a Beijing-based studio. Phantom Blade Zero (And executioners) appears to be its first Western release.

If it is Phantom Blade Zero, is there also another Phantom Blade game?

S-Game is also a developer Phantom Blade: Executioners, a side-scrolling “dark Kungfupunk action game” for Android, iOS and Windows PC. This game has been and is playable in several closed beta tests Listed as “coming soon” on Steam.

You can watch the gameplay Phantom Blade: Executioners Below for a taste of S-Game’s slices of 2D action.

Liang said the Phantom Blade canon his studio has created largely consists of games released on mobile devices in China, not the West. The Phantom Blade series evolved from another game called Rainblood: City of DeathIt is an indie game developed by Liang at RPG Maker and released in 2010.

What is the release date of Phantom Blade Zero?

The game doesn’t have one yet. Wednesday’s trailer was the first of its kind Phantom Blade ZeroThe trailer did not mention a launch date or window.

Is Phantom Blade Zero a PlayStation exclusive?

The games official site lists PlayStation 5, Steam, and the Epic Games Store as platforms, so yes, it appears to be a console-exclusive title for PlayStation.

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