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Gollum devs apologize for the game being so bad

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Gollum is the worst overhaul of the year with 36 metascores, almost an impressive feat, and as such developer Daedalic has issued an apology for the state of the game and promised to fix what they can.

It’s a rather odd statement, including that the title of the game is wrong, calling it “The Lord of the Ring: Gollum” in the first sentence.

The apologies say it’s their biggest project and an honor to take on the Lord of the Rings IP. They talk about listening to feedback and apologizing for disappointing fans. They’ll fix bugs and technical issues, but basically… the game is the game, and the reason for its bad review has nothing to do with actual bugs or technical issues. This is by no means a good game.

Part of the controversy here wasn’t just the state of the game, but the fact that Daedalic was charging $60 for it, and $70 with weird extra features like Elven VO and bad emotes. While this also sparked a separate discussion about whether developers should “apologize” to fans even for major bugs, it adds to the long, long lists of video games apologizing blocks. of text like this, saying sorry for the technical problems. delays in the game and so on. It’s become an industry meme. It’s hard to make games, sure, but we’ve seen a lot of that over the past few years. Although, no game was as poorly received as Gollum.

While yes they made a bad Gollum game, I’m probably more curious about the status of the Lord of the Rings IP, period. Amazon reportedly spent $1 billion on its Prime series The Rings of Power, first made by the show’s creators, which at best is okay and a bad shadow of the original movie trilogy. There’s this game, Gollum, the one that decides a game of Gollum needs to be done in the first place. And the next Lord of the Rings MMO is run by Amazon Games, which failed to find much success in New World, the other original MMO, and Embracer Group, whose stock just crashed 40%. after failing to secure a $2 billion enigma. . a deal. I don’t think those who deal with IP really know how to use it effectively or trust the right people with it. We’re a far cry from the original trilogy and licensed games of that era which were actually pretty good. Even the last Shadow of Mordor game was bad.

For Gollum, I don’t think we need a excuses Because, as I don’t like, I offended Gollum that I wouldn’t have played anyway it sucks. But it’s rightfully one of the lowest scores on a well-known gaming IP I’ve seen in years, and I’d love to know exactly what went down here from concept to release.

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