Home sport A bizarre sight as the Masters leave on a stretcher overshadows the Blazers’ dominant Sunday afternoon performance

A bizarre sight as the Masters leave on a stretcher overshadows the Blazers’ dominant Sunday afternoon performance

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The Blazer offense would continue as Ashton Ferster took credit in his first game of the tournament after hitting a home run on a quick opportunity as the ball bounced past Simpson to make it 3-0 in Kamloops.

Bates will get a late chance to play the hard ball but fail to convert. Just before shooting at the end of the first period, a fight broke out as Cam Giuffro and Dylan Cuyler both hit hard shots. Gauvreau takes the extra minor and gives the Blazers a power run to start the middle. 3-0 Blazers after 20 minutes.

Kamloops didn’t need much playing time early in the second period as Stankoven, Kaidan Banker and Matthew Siminoff played perfect passes in Siminoff’s second game of the tournament.

Just over two minutes later, Dylan Sydor joined the group, and hit a home run off a holeshot to chase Simpson out of the game after 5 of 20 shots. Liam Sztuska is taking over the blue paint job for the Petes who are looking for a mountain to climb, with his team already up 5-0.

Stankoven would quickly welcome Štoska back into action with his first goal of the tournament. The Blazers lead 6-0 after less than 25 minutes of play.

Kamloops’ power play would still be perfect with Jacob Demick hitting his first home run just before the halfway point of the game. 7-0 Blazers.

Bates finally broke the shutout with a power play late in the second period. Avery Hayes got the finishing touchdown to put Peterborough on the board, 7-1.

Conor Levis started the third period for Kamloops, snipe the shortstop to extend the Blazers’ lead to 7, 8-1.

Semenov would add a second of the night on a 5-on-3 power play to make it 9-1 in the third. Hoover would add another to make it 10-1 in Kamloops.

A chilling scene at the end of the contest would see Kyle Masters being carried off a stretcher after being slammed into the corner and tumbling onto the boards. The trainers were seen moving after the accident but rested on a backboard in the snow before takeoff. The coaches waved to the crowd as they came off the ice.

A win secures the Blazers, at worst, a playoff game on Thursday to reach the championship playoff round. Kamloops returned to the ice Wednesday in the final round robin against the WHL champion Seattle Thunderbirds, dropping the puck at 6:00 p.m.

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