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Scout Designs TransLink’s First-Ever Scout Badge

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Scout badges represent the success of Scouts and remember their adventures and the challenges they have overcome. For Zachary, earning TransLink’s first-ever Scout badge rewards twice what he helped design.

Zachary and Ellie win a Pacific Coast Council Badge Design Contest In 2022. Scouts who entered the contest designed an annual scavenger hunt-themed TransLink badge. We’ve combined the winning designs to create this awesome Scout badge that Scouts will receive for participating in the event:

Zachary, a Scout from 4 South West Burnaby, is responsible for the hand-drawn graphic in the center of the badge. He drew a TransLink bus that he drove on a sunny day with mountain views all around. On the windshield of the bus, he paints reflections of tents representing the Boy Scouts campsite.

Eli, a 10th Sea explorer from Richmond, was inspired to design the border of the badge. It features icons for the different modes of transportation in Metro Vancouver – Bus, SeaBus, SkyTrain and West Coast Express. The icons are connected by intersecting lines and tell the story of transit in Metro Vancouver.

Ellie Design - Cross Icons Connected by Cross Lines

A big thank you to all the Scouts who shared their artistic talents with us by designing these badges:

We are delighted to be having a Boy Scout Competition on June 3 from 1-4pm at Metrotown Station and Lonsdale Pier. Scouts will learn to cross, become familiar with the elements of the road, and learn safety and etiquette when riding a cross.

If you know children and youth between the ages of 5 and 26, encourage them to join Scouts of Canada where they can experience adventures and learn life skills.

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