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Nintendo announces that Everybody 1-2 Switch will be released at the end of June

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Nintendo has announced that Everybody 1-2 Switch will launch on June 30 for Nintendo Switch. The game follows on from 2017’s 1-2 Switch.

While there aren’t many specific details on the types of multiplayer minigames, the online store’s listing says it will include weird things like balloons and aliens. Players can use both Joy-Con controllers and smart devices to play. Additionally, many minigames have variations to change the rules or add additional challenges.

For those wishing to use a compatible smart device, a Nintendo Account is required, along with internet access. Some mini-games are only available in smart device mode and players must be in the same room to play them.

There was also a new Joy-Con colors revealedincluding pastel pink, light green, light purple and pastel yellow.

In July 2022, Fanbyte reported that Everybody 1-2 Switch was in development, but the current batch of minigames hadn’t been tested well internally. Playtests would have concluded that minigames were boring, such as bingo and a musical chairs type game.

Nintendo also reportedly considered charging $60 for the Everybody 1-2 Switch, but the eShop lists it for $30.

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