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Blizzard apologizes to unhappy Diablo 4 players as servers go down with error code 300202

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Diablo 4 suffered from significant server issues, with error code 300202 being experienced by players when logging in on all platforms.

The Always-Online RPG was unplayable for most of the day on June 8, and players took to the internet to report their issues.

On social media, Blizzard accounts apologized and said staff were working on a fix for the game.

We apologize again for the inconvenience caused by today’s outage. tweeted Blizzard. โ€œWe are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible! ยป

โ€œWe are aware of the issues and are working as quickly as possible to fix them,โ€ said Diablo Development Director Rod Ferguson. to babble. ” Thanks for your patience. ยป

As Blizzard strives to bring Diablo 4 back, gamers have once again lamented the developer’s controversial decision to go the perpetual path with the series.

One player wrote, “Blizzard, if you can’t keep the servers online, disconnect us” Diablo 4 subsection.

“I miss offline games so much,” said another.

This week , The first Diablo 4 player to reach level 100 in Hardcore mode He became speechless after losing his personality forever after the connection was cut.

Diablo 4 includes Lite-MMO elements that allow for player versus player combat, shared social spaces, and group dungeon exploration. Blizzard said it is a big fan of these elements and encourages casual, unplanned interactions between players.

Diablo 4 launched in droves, becoming the best-selling Blizzard game of all time. It was also a hit with critics, and generally did well with fans.

However, the microtransaction cost of Diablo 4 raised eyebrows, and surprisingly, Whoopi Goldberg invited Blizzard to release Diablo 4 on Mac.

When Diablo 4 is back online, check out the interactive Diablo 4 map to start tracking your progress as you play.

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