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Zuckerberg has ideas for Vision Pro program and Meta AI track

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Yesterday (June 8), Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg brushed off Apple’s Vision Pro during a plenary meeting where he also outlined the company’s AI strategy and assured employees that the metaverse It is not finished yet.

“Our vision of being and being is fundamentally social and about people interacting and relating to each other in amazing new ways. » Zuckerberg said in an internal meeting yesterday, according to a New York Times report. “By contrast, every demo released by Apple was one person sitting alone on the couch. »

It also reportedly took a hit at the Vision Pro’s $3,500 price tag. While highlighting Meta’s Quest 3, At $500 And hit the shelves Later this year.

Zuckerberg’s pointed comments and attempt to reassure Meta employees come just days after Apple rolled out its own AR/VR tool. He is Not connected to headphones. It was showcased at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2023 on June 5, which Apple also attended. Avoid the word “Metavers”.

But Zuckerberg isn’t abandoning the metaverse, despite its lukewarm reception, as he faces a Cupertino-based competitor, and sees Meta’s development of open-source AI software as complementary to the virtual world he seeks to build.

Quoteable: on exploration Laws Physics

“I was really curious to see what they were going to ship, which is a good sign of our own development [Apple engineers] We don’t have magic solutions to the laws of physics that we haven’t explored yet. » Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg during an internal meta-meeting on June 8, quoted in The New York Times

With Jobs out, Meta is ready to implement its AI vision

Meta is going through a tough time. Creation of Facebook’s parent company Two big rounds Layoffs since November in a bid to cut costs, with the latest round of 10,000 layoffs.

Meanwhile, the VR Meta division lost Over $13 billion Last year, the metaverse struggled to capture consumer interest.

Now, with a reduced workforce, Zuckerberg seems confident of trying VR again, this time integrated with Artificial intelligence, according to reports from yesterday’s meeting.

Meta’s CEO said he believes in taking a open-source to artificial intelligence, and confirmed at yesterday’s meeting that ChatGPT-like features It will be introduced on Messenger and WhatsApp. An artificial intelligence creation feature is reportedly in the works on Instagram.

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