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Read the email Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg sent to employees about Apple Vision Pro

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Augmented reality glasses unveiled


At this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2023). called augmented reality headset

Apple Vision Pro

It seamlessly blends the real and digital world. As for the design, it looks like a pair of ski goggles. CEO: “It’s the first Apple product you look at and don’t look at”

Tim Cook

said about the device.



Mark Zuckerberg

The Apple Vision Pro, whose company makes competing Quest headphones, didn’t seem too pleased. In a company-wide meeting with Meta employees,


He said Apple’s device didn’t introduce any major technological breakthroughs that Meta hadn’t already explored and that his view of how people use the device “isn’t what I want”. . He also sent a letter to employees about Apple Vision Pro. Here is the message as it appears in The Verge.

Apple has finally announced its headset, so I’d like to talk about that for a second. I was really curious to know what they would charge. And obviously I haven’t seen it yet, so I’ll learn more when we play around with it and see what happens and how people use it.

From what I saw for the first time, I would say the good news is that there is no magic bullet for the limits of the laws of physics that our teams haven’t already explored and they haven’t thought of yet. They used a higher resolution screen, and between that and all the technology they put into it to power it, it costs seven times as much and now takes so much power you now need a battery and an attached lanyard for use. They made this design compromise and it might make sense for the cases they are looking at.

But listen, I think their announcement really demonstrates the difference in values ​​and the vision that our companies bring to this in a way that I think is really important. We innovate to make sure our products are as accessible and affordable as possible, and it’s an essential part of what we do. And we’ve sold tens of millions of missions.

More importantly, our vision of existence and presence is fundamentally social. It’s about people interacting in new ways and feeling connected in new ways. Our device is also about being active and doing things. In contrast, every show that aired had one person sitting alone on the couch. I mean, maybe that’s the vision of the future of computing, but it’s not the one I want. There is a real philosophical difference in how we approach this. And seeing what they come up with and how they’re going to compete has made me more excited and optimistic in many ways that what we’re doing is important and it’s going to work. But it will be a fun trip.

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