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How Vegas gives a ‘bitter taste’ to big overtime

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Jun 10, 2023 1:27 PM

Sunrise, Florida. — evidently with the game — and the series — under complete control Thursday night, the Vegas Golden Knights looked distraught as they bathed in plastic mice under an ice clock.

After leading 2-0 in the series and 2-1 late in Game 3, they had the Florida Panthers on the mat. But here they are, ice-skating FLA Live after a brace from Matthew Tkachuk’s 6-5 equalizer and winner Carter Verheig in the host’s first exit.

Vegas coach Bruce Cassidy spoke of a “bitter aftertaste” after the game after he got up on Friday and rinsed his mouth. A five-star stay on the beach in Fort Lauderdale, he gave his group of veterans a full day.

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no video. No bus to the ice rink. No question from the leopards.

break. Re-Set. Do whatever is necessary to correct your mind.

We won’t change much. said a confident Cassidy.

Captain Mark Stone is equally unfazed: “We knew it was going to be tough, right? It’s a flexible team. We want to be able to finish games, but we’ll regroup and be ready for the next game.”

The series is, thus far, devoid of mind games.

Vegas adopts the preferred role. The Knights feel they deserve the championship.

While the underdogs Panthers love their site as much as a sleazy set, all reviews have been crossed out.

“The proof is in the dessert, right?” “It doesn’t do us any good to get ahead of ourselves,” Ryan Lomberg told reporters Saturday morning before Game 4. the end. »

Florida coach Paul Morris didn’t go so far as to say Thursday’s dramatic comeback cast doubt in the opponent’s minds.

“Let me say we gave ourselves a chance. We beat Carolina and Toronto 8-1, and at no point did we feel like we were in control of this series or games. Probably in this series less than any other – in Carolina and Toronto and three of four against Boston “The other team had dominant periods as they ended their dominance. “So we never felt that way,” Morris said.

“It’s like the picture you just saw of a frog approaching and strangling a crocodile: ‘We’ve got him where we want him.'”

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Who pulled the plug?

The Panthers’ solid game struggled early in the series in favor of Boston, then trailed by five goals in their last four first-round games. Florida scored a solid seven goals in the nine games between Toronto and Carolina.

Now shut up. Vegas beats Florida 6-0 in favor of the man.

its a problem.

“I think we’re playing a little bit of compulsion,” said Carter Verhaeghe. “A lot of times in a power play it’s a quick shot and a break play happens. It’s not always going to be the perfect way to play, and that’s kind of what we have to do – kind of with a 5-on-A -5 mentality as well. We kind of have a 5-on mentality.” 5 And we’re in good shape and we get pucks and we get pucks.

Vegas penalty killer William Carlson believes that the need to survive a good Oilers game in the second round—one of the most dangerous 5v4 setups ever—helped his group connect.

“Against Edmonton, it was very difficult. They were very skilful and good. But, yeah, I’m sure we learned a few things,” Carlson said. “We’ve worked really well since then. You could say that was good practice for Dallas and then for Florida now.” »

Tiger pride

It cost Panthers fans, no matter how many or how few, more than $100 for Stanley Cup Finals parking to commit to a team that went 25 years without winning a playoff game before last season. Suddenly, the eighth-place team in the Eastern Conference has a chance Saturday night to tie the Stanley Cup Finals 2-2.

Thursday’s 3-2 overtime win was the Panthers’ first in a Stanley Cup Final, after Patrick Roy swept Joe Sakic’s Colorado Avalanche off Peter Forsberg in 1996. The game was especially special for the Panthers’ greatest coach, Alexander Barkov. and Aaron Akblad.

Second pick in 2013, Barkov finished 10ththere season in Florida. Ecblade, 1st place in 2014, 9th year.

“They’re good guys,” Panthers coach Paul Morris told reporters Friday. “When you get a franchise player—usually that means getting paid as well—they feel responsible. They do it. And when you get that much money and if you’re the cornerstone—and there are two or three players in every sports franchise—they have a lot of weight in them. That, and the pressure with that. It’s not just about being attached to the team; Barkov and the Ecblades are the Florida Panthers. (These playoffs) are kind of redeeming because they got the money and they worked hard and … they want the fans to feel proud and now this is their team, in place Where fans can really enjoy themselves.

“You have to be able to give back to your fans and it (Game 3) was a real return for the fans, right? First win in the Stanley Finals and first in this building, everyone had a great time, and that’s what sport is about in many ways. So the players feel the weight. Responsibility and they should be proud of themselves because they gave the fans a great gift.”

party bloc

The Golden Knights are experts at blocking shooting lanes, making life easier for goalkeeper Adin Hill.

In the Game 3 loss, Vegas blocked 31 silly shots and the Knights led the series in blocks by a 67-39 count.

Part of that is the willingness to sacrifice the body. Part of that is the structure. The Knights’ top defensemen play in the zone and are told not to stray too far from the front net where the pucks are heading.

“They’re really good at blocking shots, and I think we have to try to shoot faster,” said Anton Lundell. “And when we know they’re trying to block shots, we have to try and move the puck around a little bit. Like, change the angle and maybe a little bit more of the timer, like quick shots, so we can get past them and when we pass there are more players in the net and hopefully we can take some rebounds.” .

cat’s whiskers

Radko Gudas’ chin is pretty cool to see, but he’ll now admit that he gets food in his beard on the regular.

[brightcove videoID=6329098060112 playerID=JCdte3tMv height=360 width=640]

“There is a discussion now,” Morris said. “If you like red beards, Mark Stahl is cool now. I think he’s there. But Radko’s beard is actually part of him. His weight is attached to the beard. The beard weighs 103 pounds. I’m not sure it’s legal. Now the refs will start showing off his beard.”

On the other end of the spectrum is poor Lundell, whose few wisps of peach fuzz caused the Gudas to give the team the worst parting beard.

Judah joked, “If you slam the door too hard, you might fly out.”

Single timer: Florida’s Eto’o Lostarin has played in all 82 regular season matches and the first 16 playoff matches, but the injured forward is yet to reach the final. You will not play in Game 4…. The Florida Everblades won the Kelly Cup on Friday, becoming back-to-back Premier League champions. Maurice’s son, Jake, works with the team as a play-by-play announcer on road games. “He has his first family championship. So I’m putting that over my head,” Morris told reporters Saturday morning. The NHL released impressive footage of Jack Eichel explaining to teammates the impact of Matthew Tkachuk’s brutal open-ice hitting in Game 2: “I was out of breath. I couldn’t breathe anymore. »

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