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NYT Crossword Answers on June 13, 2023

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Mysterious Tuesday One consequence of having a brain that sparks at the slightest hint of pun is that I am often convinced that I see a pun where there is no pun. In a crossword puzzle at the beginning of the week, that instinct tends to work against me. The evidence may seem vague in part or definition of the discourse, and I’ve become the overzealous hero, reaching for windmills to come up with a rather simple solution now and then.

Today’s puzzle was created by Giuliana Tringali-Golden, Wendy L. Brandis, and the boy I think about this the most. I had a hunch on Friday and Tuesday (all of which were wrong). I was sure the topic included a detailed decoder, only to see it was clearly laid out for a day with my fire that required a phrase conversion.

I’m fortunate to have been able to paraphrase my success with the puzzle in this column, since I seem to know what I’m doing at all times (and thank you reader for letting me walk away from that). Let’s take a look at the answers, shall we?

The detector at 34A asks us to imagine hearing the question, “Did you get everything back before we left?” Accompanied by a “checklist shown in circled letters” in the grid. Let’s take a look at some of the theme entries below, with the letters circled in bold:

  • 17A’s “One of the People Welcomed on the City Streets” got me thinking of a religious figure, but I couldn’t quite match “The Street Prophet.” The annoyingly obvious correct answer is taxes.Identification cardriver.

  • Molten lava isn’t the only ‘eruption product’ – at 23-Across, there’s also a VOLCANImonetary.

  • The last time I drank a “cocktail garnished with an orange slice and a maraschino cherry” was out of style. It seems that this layer also appears in WHISS button.our.

What kind of checklist includes ID, money, and keys? One simple one: It’s what you check every day before you leave your houseā€”in other words, as our reveal revealed, when you’re ready to leave.

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