Home Entertainment The French animated film “Linda’s Chicken!” It has been acquired by GKIDS for national release in 2024

The French animated film “Linda’s Chicken!” It has been acquired by GKIDS for national release in 2024

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“Linda’s Chicken!” Purchased for national distribution by GKIDS. The hand-drawn comedy-drama will premiere in competition at this year’s Annecy International Film Festival and has been officially selected at Cannes in this year’s ACID programme.

“Linda wants chicken!” It is directed by husband and wife Chiara Malta and Sebastian Ludenbach, who frequently work together on live-action and animated productions.

Malte works primarily in live-action films and is best known for “Simple Women” (co-written with Ludenbach). Laudenbach is best known for his debut album, “La fille sans mains”, which won the Annecy Jury Prize. GKIDS will release “Chicken for Linda!” It hits theaters in 2024, after being released in France in October.

“Linda’s Chicken!” said David Gestedt, President of GKIDS. By combining this unique and bold visual style with a deeply moving, universal story about family, directors Chiara Malta and Sebastian Ludenbach have given us something so timeless and fresh, we can’t wait to share.

Linda’s Chicken!

“Linda’s Chicken!” Focuses on Paulette, who feels guilty after unfairly punishing her daughter, Linda. While her mother was trying to fix things, Linda immediately ordered a meal of chicken with peppers, which reminded her of the dish her late father used to make. But as a general strike shuts down stores across town, this demand quickly leads to an outrageous chain of events spiraling out of control, as Paulette does everything she can to keep her promise and find a chicken for Linda.

“It is a pleasure and a privilege to be part of the highly curated GKIDS line-up,” said Johan Comte de Scharad. They got engaged immediately after seeing the movie, which is exceptional considering the challenges of today’s American theatrical market. After the Oscar nominees Mirai, The Incredible Journey of Marona, Belle and the Unicorn Wars, we’ve never had a better partner than the GKIDS team! “

International sales are represented by charades. GKIDS and Charades previously collaborated on the domestic distribution rights to former Oscar nominee “Mirai,” “Belle,” and “Unicorn Wars,” among others.

Linda’s Chicken! the attached’

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