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A truck driver escapes injury but is fined after a bridge collapses in Halifax’s Rural NS

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A fine was imposed after a bridge collapsed under the weight of a truck in Colchester County, Nova Scotia, on Tuesday morning.

RCMP Cpl. Chris Marshall said police got a call around 7 a.m. that a truck was crossing a bridge on Lake Road in the French River when it collapsed.

The driver was the only person in the truck. They managed to escape unharmed. ยป

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Marshall said the driver of the truck carrying the firewood called 911.

Lake Road has been closed and motorists are required to use Trout Brook Road or Cooper Road instead. The road will be closed indefinitely.

In a statement, Public Works spokesperson Gary Andrea said the category of trucks on the bridge is not permitted on this section of Lake Road “due to the road’s classification for truck weight and configuration.”

He said the driver has been issued a penalty and the others are suspended. Fines can range from $237 to $4,100.

“Commercial trucks have a responsibility to know the road ratings,” he said. “We don’t have a timeline on how long the bridge will be closed, or how long the investigation will continue.”

Authorities closed Lake Road to traffic indefinitely due to a bridge collapse.


He said that due to ongoing investigations, the county is unable to comment on details of the bridge or provide inspection reports. However, he noted that about 600 bridges – or 14% – are rated 4/9 or lower and need updating.

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“The bridge in this condition is still considered safe and is subject to thorough and frequent inspections,” he said.

As part of our five-year circuit road improvement plan, we have dozens of bridge projects in various stages of planning and construction, both for replacement and rehabilitation.

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