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Apple Vision Pro avatars are ready for apps like Zoom

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Image: Apple

Apple Vision Pro’s new 3D avatars are not only for Facetime calls, but they also appear automatically in other video chat apps.

When you wear the Vision Pro, Apple’s planned mixed reality headset will use a holographic avatar to represent you in Facetime calls. Apple Vision Pro owners scan their face and hands with the front cameras before first use so the system can do it later Semi-realistic animated avatars In video chats, using eye and face tracking data.

An official developer video from the WWDC event has now confirmed that these ‘characters’ will also appear in other episodes. Supported Video Chat Apps. So services like Zoom, Google Meet or Discord will just grab your avatar instead of a video feed. No particular modification is required for this use.

Zoom and Co. on Apple Vision Pro

Even AR face filters can work. After all, strictly speaking, video chat apps themselves wouldn’t know that they were only receiving an avatar’s video feed instead of a real face.

According to Apple, many existing iPad and iOS apps should work natively on Apple Vision Pro. Developer video titled Run iPad and iPhone Apps in Shared Space Explains how to implement native touchscreen operation in the virtual world.

Another video, Optimize Your iPad and iPhone Apps for Shared Space Briefly on Apple Vision Pro compatibility with video chat apps, this seems like a well thought out solution.

While the full details of the Apple headset are unknown, a lucky few were able to try out the headset at WWDC. We summarize those early experiences in this hands-on preview of Apple Vision Pro. If you missed the Apple Vision Pro announcement, check out our preview.

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