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The Siege of Dawn has been postponed to 2024

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Flintlock: Siege of Dawnan upcoming RPG from New Zealand studio A44, has been delayed until 2024. The game, which follows the studio’s first title ashIts release was initially scheduled for “early 2023”.

A44 announced the news via flint Twitter accountIt’s important for our whole team flint It’s a special experience, and we owe it to ourselves and to all of you who have followed the game since we decided to make it the most impressive and memorable game.

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“We’ve worked hard to create a unique, deeply detailed open world filled with exciting combat, rewarding exploration, and a true sense of discovery. »

flint It is an action RPG game in an open world setting Elden Ring, but with a more welcoming approach to difficulty and accessibility. It follows the protagonist Nur and his fellow mythical creature Enki in a world where magic and synthetic gunpowder coexist. The game’s first looks also featured a much more nimble hero than what we’re used to seeing in these types of games.

first address in A44, ashstood out for its graphic art style and its more focused interpretation of the evil spirits equation. Published by Annapurna Interactive, it received widespread critical acclaim.

Flintlock: Siege of Dawn It is planned to release the ComputerAnd Playstation 4And PlayStation 5And Xbox OneAnd Xbox X/S.

Ashin – Nintendo Switch [Digital Code]

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