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Apple explains why third-party watch faces aren’t supported on watchOS 10

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A common request from Apple Watch users over the years has been the ability to use third-party watch faces, but watchOS 10 still doesn’t support it. In an interview with Swiss newspaper Anzeiger Tags In today’s article, Kevin Lynch, Apple’s Vice President of Technology, and Deidre Caldbeck, Head of Product Marketing, explained why.

The interview was spotted earlier by 9to5MacBenjamin MaiThe quotes below are automatically translated from German.

Lynch said Apple puts “tremendous effort” into each watch face to make sure it works “uniformly and simply,” and said Apple needs to plan ahead to make sure the watch faces continue to work “if we want to change something or add new possibilities. »

Caldbeck added that developers can create complications for their watchOS apps, which add a layer of personalization to watch faces by enabling the display of visible information, such as CARROT weather forecasts. Starting with watchOS 10, the new Smart Stack widgets feature allows up to three complications.

That’s all Apple had to say about the lack of third-party watch faces in the interview, which touches on many other watchOS 10 details.

watchOS 10 will be released later this year for Apple Watch Series 4 and later, and is currently in beta for users with a free Apple Developer Account. A public beta will be released in July for users who do not wish to use the developer beta.

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