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Appreciation from Top Chef for vegetarian meals

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The chef and host of My Kitchen Rules revealed that he once dropped laxatives in his dinner — considering two victim groups.

Speaking on 2DAY FM’s Hughes & Erin show on Wednesday morning, Manu said he has sometimes resorted to trickery to soften his stool in an act of revenge.

He said: “They gave me the hard stuff, and I gave it back.”

Although his targets were few, Manu called French vegetarians and army officers his unwitting victims.

Manu withdrew it while serving in France because it abolished compulsory national service. photo: Instagram

The French Australian chef and TV personality just pulled off a secret prank he pulled in France.

The host of My Kitchen Rules said he first came up with the idea while serving in France’s National Service, the mandatory military conscription for 18-year-old men that was abolished in 2001.

The young Frenchman, who was stationed in the National Service kitchen later during his one-year enlistment, said other officers treated him “like shit.”

He said, “You’re like a newbie or they take Mickey from you.”

“I really didn’t want to do that… It’s none of my business.”

“Then I find myself in the kitchen,” he said, “and I run the kitchen for the officers.”

The cook said the other officers beat him. photo: Instagram

Manu has hosted every season of MKR. photo: Instagram

“You know those little hats you wear when you’re constipated? I used to have them in their food.

The chef said he pulled the prank to “open her up”.

“And I’ve done it with vegans, too,” he admitted.

Featured on SAS Australia in 2021, Judge My Kitchen Rules is a military-style reality show where celebrities are pushed to their physical and psychological limits, only to leave after a few days.

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