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Superplastic partners with Mercedes on a technical figure, clothing capsule

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After launching its collaboration with KidSuper earlier this year, Superplastic, the innovator of luxury art toys, has teamed up with Mercedes-Benz on a co-branded capsule.

The toy and apparel line launched live Wednesday afternoon at a media event in New York where a retail version of the Superdackel was unveiled, a reinterpreted version of the Wackeldackel, or the tilt-headed dog that adorned the dashboards of car owners. for decades. . Superdackel shoes holding a collar adorned with the three-star Mercedes emblem.

The figure was shown in January at CES in Las Vegas when an 8.2ft version appeared alongside an animated short featuring Superdackel and two other Superplastic characters, Janky and Guggimon, who fly a Mercedes in a showroom and take a drive through New York City. . The film will also be available on the MBUX Superscreen under the dashboard of its new E-Class sedan launched in April.

The co-branded apparel collection will be available until June 26.

Courtesy of Superplastic

And now a much smaller version of the Superdackel – around 12 inches long – will be available for purchase at the Superplastic store in SoHo. The figures are made of cherry, maple, walnut and alder and feature the Mercedes logo. Only 65 numbered figures have been produced and are packaged in a Baltic Birch box. They cost $3,500.

In addition to the wooden Superdackel, the collaboration includes apparel and accessories including a shirt, hoodie, hat, silk scarf, and dog collar. The organic cotton hoodie sells for $238, the shirt for $140, the baseball cap for $64 and the silk scarf for $220. The dog collar costs $150.

The collection will be available online and at the Superplastic store on Prince Street in New York through Sunday.

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