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Anais Weil and Dariam Koko Starr in “Border Station”

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French-Argentine actress Anaïs Weil (“Emily in Paris,” “Black Box”) and Spanish actress Dariam Coco (“Money Heist,” “Welcome to Eden”) are set to star in the Spanish-British sci-fi series “Border Station.” »«

Vertice 360, Spain’s largest producer and distributor, is collaborating with Madrid-based Anacaona Productions and London-based company Born Wild to co-produce the project, which is currently in development.

The six-episode hour-long television drama was created by Born Wild creator Anthony Allen (“Sunburn”). Anacaona’s Vianessa Castaños has been tapped to serve as showrunner and head writer, along with France-based author Jeff Dupuy Holder (“Dark Sense”).

A historical espionage thriller, with elements of time travel, “Border Station” will follow Beatriz (Dariam Coco), a black jazz singer from Zaragoza who feels her luck is about to run out when she is invited to sing at the opening ceremony for Canfranc International Gir.

It was a strategic point during World War II, and is located in the Spanish Pyrenees, near the French border. Canfrank was then frequented by Nazi and Frankish forces, the Allied army and the French Resistance.

When Beatrice’s big break is interrupted by a freak accident, she’s sent back in time to November 15, 1941, in the midst of war, with Julia (Anaïs Weil), her former friend and scientist, with whom she has deep problems and an uncertain resolution. issue. Beatrice will have to face her deepest fears to save Julia and return to the future.

“‘Border Station’ is a thrilling story of survival and inner character growth, underlined by the indomitable power of music,” explained Producer Alberto Rull, Executive Vice President and Content Producer at Vertice.

“With Beatriz assuming a false identity, her journey requires her to show flexibility she has never experienced before. As the first Spanish TV series with a black woman as the protagonist, it innovates in terms of acting.”

The producers will premiere the series next week as part of Conecta Fiction 2023’s Pitch Music sidebar in Toledo, Spain. Anais Weill is expected to join the cast of “Border Station” on stage, who at Conecta aim to meet French producers, local broadcasters and international distribution companies as potential partners.

Since its inception, Border Station has been a co-production and multilingual series, due to the story set in a unique location during World War II that brings people together from all over the world, and the music’s use, a self-advertised list, of a “universal language” as the protagonist. the main”.

The series is set to air in the region of Aragon, in northeastern Spain and France, in Spanish, French and German. Producers plan to deliver it in late 2024/early 2025.

Part of the Squirrel Media Group, Vertice 360 ​​has a very active presence in the international market with several co-productions in development with European partners.

Based in Madrid, Anacaona focuses on developing original film and television projects for the Spanish and international markets that give a key role to underrepresented ethno-cultural and ethnically diverse communities.

Born Wild was created to produce genre content and is managed by Alleyne, who is represented by Gersh and Zero Gravity Management in Los Angeles.

Vertice and Born Wild collaborated last year on the YA Highway drama series, created by Spanish writer and cartoonist Víctor Sanchez, and for which Eccho Rights has the international distribution rights.

Conecta Fiction & Entertainment 2023 takes place from June 26-29 in Toledo, the capital of Spain’s Castilla-La Mancha region.

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