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Microsoft plans to launch the PS6 in 2028

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During Microsoft vs FTC (you can read our live coverage here), Microsoft said they expect the PS6 to launch in 2028.

As part of the legal battle, Microsoft said its proposed 10-year deal would top next-gen console releases in 2028.

“This term, in any case, will exceed the planned launch period for the next generation of consoles (in 2028),” read a statement from Microsoft. Thus, Call of Duty will be released on the following PlayStation consoles if released during the term of the agreement. The deal will also ensure that Call of Duty games are offered on PlayStation on an equal footing with Xbox.

Although unconfirmed, the confidence in Microsoft’s PS6 statement likely indicates that the next generation of Xbox will be released the same year.

According to our special report from March 2023, in which information was obtained from verified and confirmed sources, we also believe that the PS6 will be released in 2028.

Of course, things can still change in the grand scheme of things and next-gen consoles could be a year or two behind. However, it seems certain that a new generation of consoles will emerge by the end of the decade.

Do you think the PS6 will be launched in 2028?

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