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8 useful settings to change for the best time

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The latest in the mythical series of Japanese role-playing games, Final Fantasy XVI It has a very different tone in both story and combat. And with a long story spanning complex fictional political plots, it can all be a bit overwhelming. But the good news is that Final Fantasy sixteen It has a number of settings that can help you customize the experience to your liking and even make the game a bit easier.

Whether you’re looking to tweak the game’s combat to your advantage or follow the story a little easier, here are eight settings you should consider tweaking.

Enable speaker names to be translated

Final Fantasy XVI It’s packed with plenty of character and plot details, so much so that there’s even a dedicated feature that lets you pause any scene by using the PS5’s touchpad to search for characters and characters. historical events. But sometimes Active Time Lore is a bit distracting and it doesn’t help during gameplay.

So if you’re having trouble telling Wade and Tyler apart, I might suggest enabling speaker names in the location settings. You will find this below System > Language Settings > Speaker Names. Subtitles must be on for this to have any effect, of course.

screenshot: Square Enix/Kotaku

Now, not only will you see who is talking during a cutscene, but in-game jokes also come with character names. much better.

Graphics mode or Framerate mode?

Final Fantasy XVI is a very good game, but those visuals weigh on the overall performance. As in many modern console games, it gives you a choice in the settings between prioritizing game looks (graphics mode) or animation speed and smoothness (Framerate mode). But what is best?

GOOD, Digital foundry A complete breakdown of FFXVIVisual presentation If you’re in the mood for a 35 minute deep dive. But I’ll give you CliffsNotes.

for almost any use case, You must use graphics mode. Framerate mode not only struggles to maintain a steady 60fps outside of combat, but even when it hits it, it sometimes does so at the expense of resolution at 720p. 720p was popular in the Xbox 360 era – and on the Switch – but I know you didn’t buy that 50-inch 4K TV to get your PS5 with 720p picture output of all things.

Consider this type of game: Final Fantasy XVI It is an epic narrative game that is here to amaze you with beautiful landscapes and graphics. Framerate mode introduces prominent texture pop, reduces shadow quality, and generally displays an unsatisfactory blurry image.

Yes, Framerate mode is smoother in combat, but that’s really the only benefit. I will opt for more visual fidelity with the graphics mode.

Do Final Fantasy XVI Easier with help modes

Many modern games offer ways to adjust the difficulty, sometimes with very subtle levels. Final Fantasy XVI No exceptions here. Except you won’t find all of these settings in the game’s System menu. Instead, some combat settings are modified by actual equipable items.

Head to the Gear & Eikons tab in the pause menu. Right under your weapons and armor, you’ll see three accessory slots under a contract-like symbol. This is where Clive provides the accessories. Several props you start the game with help adjust the difficulty of the game.

Final Fantasy XVIRings in time

Final Fantasy XVI He gives you five different rings (you can equip a maximum of three at a time) to make fighting easier.

A healing ring at the right time will heal you automatically By automatically activating a potion when your HP gets too low. And don’t worry, he chooses standard doses rather than high doses at first.

A timed evasion ring automatically dodges incoming attacks. Usually, you have to press R1 (virtual controls) to dismiss Clive. But if you just want the game to handle that, this installment will do.

Ring of Timely Focus slows down time when you are about to be hit. With this ring equipped, time will slow down when an attack comes in, and you’ll see a circular prompt asking you to press R1 to get out of the way. Note that this Ring and Time Escape Ring cannot be used together (the game will favor the Focus Ring if you try both).

Ring of Timely Strikes will automatically trigger one-button combos. Final Fantasy XVIHis combat is based on performing combinations of melee strikes and magic spells, which require different button inputs at different times. But if you want to keep it simple, casting Ring of Timely Strikes will only allow you to shuffle tiles for Clive to produce different combos automatically.

Timely help. Clive has a dog Final Fantasy XVI His name is Torgal. And he’s a very good boy, but if you want to let him fend for himself in battle rather than having to command him, Ring of Timely Assistance will put Torgal on autopilot, allowing him to assist you in battle without your intervention.

changes Final Fantasy XVItotal difficulty

If you’re here for the story and don’t want to fight at all, toggle the story focus mode by heading to System > Game Settings > Gameplay. Now the fight will be easier. Note that you can then adjust this setting at any time except during combat.

Combine the easier gameplay of Story-Focused mode with Timely Rings to make the game easier to play.

Adjust battle lens and camera

The fight is quite fast Final Fantasy XVI. But if you want to change the look of combat, you should consider two settings: Target Lock and Target Tracking.

You will find target lock below System > Game Settingsat the bottom of the list.

Target Lock lets you choose between pressing the aim button to lock on an enemy until you select a new enemy (similar to, say, evil spirits) or get the end lock by simply releasing the target button. Try both options to see which works best for you.

the other possibility, target followis located under System > Camera Settings.

When Target Follow is enabled, the camera will automatically rotate to focus on the next target enemy. But here’s the thing, if you can’t feel the difference with this on or off, you’re not crazy. The speed of combat and the fact that once you start attacking a creature the camera automatically focuses anyway means this is a bit of a stealthy setup. I would recommend enabling Target Follow just to keep things fast and focused in the heat of the moment.

Review lessons

A screenshot of a menu in Final Fantasy XVI shows the definitions of the various symbols.

screenshot: Square Enix/Kotaku

Worried about missing a key explanation of a game feature? Worry no more: in System > System Settings You will find Tutorial Messages. These will allow you to revisit any of the game’s tutorials in case you need a refresher.

Check sound settings

In addition to subtitles for the hearing impaired, found below System > Language Settings > Subtitles for the hearing impairedAnd Final Fantasy XVI Another way to display audio visually: Visual alerts. You can find them in the same list.

With this selection, waveforms of different colors (red for music, green for sound effects, blue for sounds) will appear on the screen depending on which side of the stereo field they come from.

Final Fantasy XVI Offers multiple control schemes

If the default control scheme is in Final Fantasy XVI If that’s not to your liking, consider choosing one of the other two preset configurations System > Console Layout > Wireless Controller Layout.

Shows a screenshot of the alternate control system menu in Final Fantasy XVI.

screenshot: Square Enix/Kotaku

If you want to keep your thumbs on the controllers as much as possible, I recommend taking a look at the Type B layout. This ties melee and magic to R1 and R2 respectively. However, you will still need to use the face buttons for dodging, jumping, and certain other abilities.

However, some find Type C to be the real key to mastering the game’s combo system.

Square Enix/Isnemesis

With these settings you can easily do Final Fantasy XVI More fun game. Which are you likely to change first?

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