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Blizzard is doing more to help Bronze 5 “Overwatch 2” players drop from lower ranks

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Since Monitoring 2 Players arrived and found themselves stuck in the revamped competitive system, and some found themselves plunged into the depths, rooted to the bottom rung of the ladder and unable to escape.

Fortunately, for them, more help is on the way.

In a blog post focused on Competitive Modes, including more details on the upcoming Team Queue mini-season, Team 4 states that there are more players at Bronze 5 than she wouldn’t want it. This is mainly because there is a deterioration in the matchmaking rating for inactive players. So Blizzard is doing something about it.

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“We’ve started making incremental adjustments in Season 5 to allow more players to leave Bronze 5 in a way that doesn’t disrupt the curve distribution”, You read the blog post, referring to the general distribution of players in the different ranks. “This is an issue that we plan to monitor closely in the weeks and seasons to come. »

This has been a problem for some players for several months. Last November, Blizzard said it fixed a bug that meant “some players could get stuck on Bronze 5 even after multiple rank updates.”

Hopefully this will finally make it easier for people who have been trapped in Bronze 5 ELO hell for so long to finally climb the ladder and reach their true pinnacle like Bronze 3.

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