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Brandon Banks is an “open” wide receiver for a return to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats

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A year after parting ways with the franchise, Brandon Banks is still hopeful of returning to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

The 35-year-old receiver will attend Hamilton’s Week 3 game with the Montreal Alouettes on Friday as an outstanding former TechCats player — a weekly honor given to outstanding former players. However, banks said 900 CHMLRick Zamperin before the game still uncomfortable with ending his CFL career.

I am not retired. “I’m ready to come back, but it’s not in my control,” Banks said. “Obviously, I’m happy with my career. I’m fine to retire now but obviously I want to play a little bit more.”

“To be honest, it has to be convenient but obviously everyone knows where I want to be.”

The five-foot-seven, 150-pound target entered the CFL with the Ticats in 2013 and played eight seasons with the team as a receiver and returner, becoming one of the most influential players in league history.

Banks is Hamilton’s all-time leader in punt return yards (3,773), punt return blocks (3,049), goaltending returns (779) and touchdown returns (five). He ranks second in touchdowns (62), combined yards (13,686) and shooting return touchdowns (7).

He was named the CFL’s Most Valuable Player in 2019, Special Teams Player of the Year in 2015, a four-time All-Star and a six-time Eastern Division All-Star.

The team released Banks after the 2021 season to make room for a wave of cheaper, young talent. He left on good terms with head coach Orlondo Steinauer and remains deeply invested in the success of the Tecates team.

“I’m listening the whole time, I’m watching every game. I wouldn’t say every moment, but I’m definitely immersed in everything that’s going on,” Banks said. “They have a good team. When you have Coach O as your captain, you always believe in him. Obviously situations have arisen with Bo injured and things like that, but it’s a new team, you’ve got new guys. I think as they go through the season I think they’ll win More ball games.

The veteran driver signed a two-year contract with the rival Toronto Argonauts after leaving Hamilton, but only lasted one season before being released. He caught 37 passes for 522 yards and four touchdowns in 16 games with the Double Blue, fulfilling his stated goal of winning the Gray Cup.

Since entering the open market in January, Banks says he’s been in talks with several teams but hasn’t decided to come back yet.

“He’s very in tune with the times, 50/50. Obviously, as I said earlier, I wouldn’t mind playing again but at the same time, I’m doing very well in my career,” he explained. “The reason I waited so long is because I just wanted to make sure I made up my mind 100%. For now, I’ll leave the door open for a good opportunity in the future.”

It appears the chance he’s been waiting for is a heroic return to Steeltown, as Friday’s appearance was a chance to reward fans for their years of support. He hopes they will cheer him on again soon, but he urges them not to hold their breath.

“Don’t get too excited,” he said, “because it’s beyond my control.” I don’t want anyone to say anything. We should try to convince Coach O and Bob Young, these are the people we need to talk to. »

Alouettes (1-0) will take on Tickets (0-2) at 7:30 PM EST. And Montreal eliminated Hamilton from the playoffs last year, by defeating him 28-17 in the Eastern Semi-Final.

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