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Galaxy Z Flip 5 shot by photographers

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The unannounced Galaxy Z Flip 5 is making headlines again, this time not because of leaked specs or press renders, but because of an actual live image that appears to have captured the next generation of the foldable phone in the wild. Is this the real Galaxy Z Flip 5?

Image embedded in the tweet below (via @employee) showing what appears to be a Galaxy Z Flip 5 wrapped in a protective case. The latter has some weird markings and doesn’t seem to fit the phone very well, see how it hangs around the camera holes. It’s more like one of those cases that aren’t meant to be sold but are used to protect pre-production phones from damage and prying eyes.

The purported Galaxy Z Flip 5 captured in this photo sits next to a BMW key, which neither adds nor takes away credibility, but nonetheless seems appropriate given Samsung’s recent dealings with the Bavarian automaker.

As for the details revealed by the image, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 appears to have a side-mounted fingerprint sensor integrated into the side key, a flat hinge and a folder-like cover screen that we have all already seen during a render. The cover screen displays an always-on circular clock.

when and where?

There’s no information on when or where this photo of the alleged Galaxy Z Flip 5 was taken, but what we think we know is when and where Samsung will officially unveil the device.

Unlike previous years, Samsung will hold its next Unpacked event in South Korea. Reports say that the company will announce the phone during the COEX Expo in upmarket Gangnam on July 27. Indeed, Samsung is changing its schedule and will host the next Unpacked earlier than usual.

The Galaxy Z Flip 5 will not be alone on stage. Must be accompanied by Galaxy Z Fold 5, Galaxy Tab S9 series and wearable devices. Samsung may or may not unveil its first mixed reality headset to rival Apple, too.

But back to the Galaxy Z Flip 5, the next-gen model represents a huge design leap for the foldable phone series, as it’s the first to increase the cover screen size to such an extent.

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