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The latest news from Pierre-Luc Dubois, Los Angeles Kings

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After months of rumors surrounding the Winnipeg Jets center Pierre Luc Dubois and his hometown team, the Montreal Canadiens, Dubois’ long touchdown finally caught up.

Reporting by Renaud Lavoie of TVA Sports This morning, the Los Angeles Kings’ continue to stalk them Pierre Luc Dubois” And David Pagnotta continued from the fourth period Report of a deal reached that would land DuBois in Los Angeles with “many players/pieces” moving to Winnipeg, including forwards Gabriel Villardi And Alex Iovalo. Sportsnet’s Ken Webby adds F waits Jansen Harkins To participate” in DuBois’s business with Los Angeles as well.

now, Murat Ates the athlete has Given the most consistent indication that Dubois might be heading to California, it was stated that the Kings and Dubois are “talking about extending the contract,” and while there are still things to work out in terms of the deal and the exact exchange, “things are going well there.” Los Angeles.

This would be a relatively surprising result given the strong indications from DuBois’ ongoing business saga that his preferred destination was Montreal. But finding the perfect game between the Jets and Canadiens to trade Dubois seemed difficult, especially since Montreal would likely be reluctant to trade the rookie position. Kirby Dash under a commercial agreement. Los Angeles has a deeper set of assets ready for the NHL to attract the Jets as a business partner, which is likely why Dubois’ move to Los Angeles took on much more tangible momentum than Dubois’ trade to Montreal.

For royalty, DuBois’ addition is largely related to succession planning in light of the eventual end of the current first Anzi KopitarFunctional play.

Kopitar, 35, scored 74 points and showed no real signs of slowing down last season, but with his contract expiring next summer, Kopitar’s future is increasingly focused on the team.

The top spot is probably the hardest thing to achieve in the NHL, and given the slower-than-expected development of a second overall pick in 2020 Quinton ByfieldDubois probably represents the Kings’ best chance to find the face of the franchise when Kopitar’s playing days are over.

Dubois and Kopitar are represented by the same agent, CAA’s Pat Bryson, so the combined relationship could aid the Kings in their efforts to seal Dubois as their next star.

We still wonder if Dubois was the first true center in the NHL. He scored 63 points in 77 games last season and certainly showed flashes of greatness, but he left fans wanting more NHL saves during his career.

In the short term, Dubois would be an exceptional complement to Kopitar in the team’s top six and put Danault in a central role on the third line. Danault, who scored 54 points last season and is among the most respected defensive centers in the league, will instantly become the centerpiece of the league’s third line, and their new arrangement will give the Kings some of the best quarterback depth.

DuBois is rumored to be seeking a maximum contract extension that reflects the $8.7 million financial value of the contract. Dylan Larkins From the Detroit Red Wings, with a serious push to acquire and expand him, the Kings clearly believe in DuBois’ potential to be Kopitar’s successor as the number one center. It remains only for the team to finalize the deal and for Dubois to prove themselves on the ice next season.

For the Jets, this trade is about moving on from a player who didn’t see a long-term future in Winnipeg and getting the best possible return for Dubois’ remaining control year of service. Although the deal has yet to be finalized and rumors of Ivalo and Velarde returning remain just a rumour, Velarde’s presence as a key player reveals Gates’ priorities in their trade negotiations.

Despite some big departures over the next few weeks, the Jets remain committed to building around their established stars such as Kyle Connor And Josh Morrissey.

Landing a long-term contract and closing in on Velarde will add another brick to the mix, especially after a 2022-23 campaign in which Velarde scored 23 goals and 41 points in 63 games. Although Velarde has been a winger at the NHL level, he has some playing experience and the Jets may consider trying Velarde again at quarterback if they acquire him.

Again, it must be emphasized that no deal was made at this time and likely to price Winnipeg in this trade if Vilardi is really in the center of the deal and which other players, prospects or selectors are involved. At the moment, one concrete development reported is that Dubois’ camp is actively negotiating an extension with the Kings, which means a long-awaited trade could be imminent.

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