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Cities Skylines 2 Deep Dive explains the smartest traffic system

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Cities Skylines 2 will feature a better overtaking system that takes some of the load off of the original game, while creating new and interesting scenarios.

A deep dive covers some interesting aspects of the upcoming simulation game. Instead of Sims constantly using the “shortest path”, they will instead have a dynamic tree that influences their decisions. Some of the decision-making processes involve consideration of time, distance, cost, and safety.

Some cool perks of the system include the ability for Cims to avoid traffic altogether, if the street gets too congested they can turn around and find a new way to get around. This also applies to accidents…. Yes accident! The main novelty of the game seems to be that Sims can have accidents with pedestrians, cars and even buildings, which will create stress for the EMT team and the road service team. The impact on crashes will be road design, weather conditions and the features themselves.

Other important aspects include building better road networks that do not have many junctions or difficult junctions to reduce risk. The cost of tolls and transport are also taken into account, which means that we can probably no longer drive on busy toll roads. The need for parking, which was a recent addition in the first game, is also highlighted in the latest expansion. It is seen that areas with better parking will attract more people to meet.

One important thing that seems to have been noted in the comments, and not covered in the video, was the official social page post “Please use all avenues!” which are installed at the top. I guess that means a major traffic issue is fixed in the sequel. In the current game, for some reason, Sims like to blend into the lane closest to them, no matter how far away they are from said exit. This creates huge traffic jams because 2 or 3 lanes are not in use, or because the Cims feel the need to cut through traffic by zooming in to jump. Hopefully this issue can be resolved and we can see the highways working normally.

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