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I’m trying to show a new side of me

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good news! Kenzo, the French luxury fashion house, today announced the appointment of Vernon as the company’s first global ambassador. Head coach Nigo said, “I am happy and grateful to welcome Vernon to the Kenzo family.”

Vernon from Seventeen has been chosen as the new face of Kenzo

Vernon will be a model for Kenzo’s clothing and footwear line, and today he’ll make a stunning appearance for the brand during Men’s Fashion Week in Paris. “I am honored and delighted to be a global ambassador for Kenzo,” said Venom. “I am excited about the synergy this partnership will provide and I can’t wait to show a new side of me to fans around the world.”

More about Vernon Vernon, whose full name is Hansol Vernon Choi, is a member of the South Korean boy band Seventeen. Seventeen is known for his powerful vocal and dance performances, as well as his involvement in the production and writing process of his music. He belongs to the sub-unit “Hip-Hop Team” of the boy group SEVENTEEN.

Vernon is one of the main rappers of Seventeen and also co-writes and composes songs for the group. He contributed lyrics and production to many of their songs. His stage name was given to him by his mother, Vernon. In addition to his work with Seventeen, Vernon has also been involved in several collaborations and feature films with other artists. He showed his versatility as a rapper through these projects.

Vernon is known for his charismatic stage presence, unique rapping style, and ability to switch between Korean and English in his lyrics. He gained popularity due to his talent and has a large fan base in Korea and abroad.

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